Recently, Xbox One users are facing the 0x8027025a error code. Mainly, the error code appears during the sign-in to the Microsoft Account. In addition to that, while the gamers are trying to start the console, the error code also recurs. It seems that you are also facing the issue and want to know the causes and solutions. 

Temporary issues in the console, errors in the Xbox One status page, a few application issues, and hardware issues are the possible causes behind the Xbox One error code. So, you need to resolve these problems as soon as possible to roll back the gaming console in perfect working condition once again. 

The Troubleshooting Methods

Before you opt for the solutions, make sure that the gaming console HDD is working properly. In addition to that, keep your computer powered on for further assistance. 

Method 1: Reboot the Console 

To resolve the 0x8027025a error code, if you reboot the gaming console, then it might work. Press and hold the power button until the options on the screen appear. Tap on Restart and wait for the console to boot up further. After that, check whether you are receiving the error code at the boot or application time or not. If this doesn’t work, then you have to force restart the device. Once again, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, and it will eventually shut down. 

Method 2: Have a Look at the Xbox Status Page

The status page of the gaming console receives a bunch of notifications from the Microsoft main server, including patches and software updates. Check the notification, and there can be an official message from the server about the 0x8027025a error code. If there are any glitches from the main server, don’t tweak the software and hardware. The host will do it for you. 

Method 3: Restart the Ongoing Application

It seems that you have opened an application in the gaming console, and at the same time, you are facing the 0x8027025a error code. So, the possible conclusion can lie within the ongoing application that might be problematic. You must know that to play a game, you might have to go through several apps in the console for changes in the settings, managing configuration, and many more. 

Let’s try to restart the application and see what happens. Tap on the quit icon and wait for at least 1 minute. After that, re-open the application, and hopefully, you will not receive the error code. 

Method 4: The Re-installation of the Problematic App

Hopefully, you have already understood that, more or less, all the apps are important in running a game on Xbox One. If the previous process doesn’t work, then you might have to re-install that particular application directly from the gaming console’s internal disk drive. If there is an option to uninstall, then remove the app. Restart the console and get the fresh new app from Microsoft Store. 

Method 5: Hard Reset the Console from Power Center

Performing the hard reset with the help of the Xbox One power center can resolve the 0x8027025a error code. In addition to that, the hard reset process will also remove the cache files. Cache files are garbage in terms of any system, and it resists several applications to perform correctly. 

Furthermore, these files also slow down any computer, smartphone, tablet and gaming console. Thus, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds and pull out the power cord. Keep the console idle for a few minutes, before powering it up. 

Method 6: Sign In with Another Microsoft Account 

Navigate to your computer and create another Microsoft account. Your email ID must be valid. In addition to that, create a strong password to ensure proper security. Now, sign in to your gaming console with the newly created account ID and password. Hopefully, the 0x8027025a error code will not appear again in the startup of the console.

Did you Check for Malware?

First, you must know how to pull out the HDD from the gaming console. Check the user manual and hopefully, you will be able to do it. With the help of the SATA casing, you will be able to use the HDD of Xbox One as an external hard drive. Connect it to your computer and scan it with an anti-malware tool, because malware can easily lead to the 0x8027025a error code. If you detect any malware, then remove it completely. Else, scan the hard drive once again with an anti-virus.