Recently, most Android users encountered a very annoying problem, “Downloading…do not turn off target”. Based on the user’s complaints, Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablet users are primarily facing this problem. A black screen with a picture of the Android bot appears. Underneath it, the message appears as mentioned above. It seems that when the device is downloading something, it will remain on the screen. 

It may happen when the device firmware is not working properly. Glitches in the download menu and system software, EFS folder missing from the system drive, boot error, and many more can be the possible cause. So, you must take care of the issue; otherwise, you won’t use the device. 

The Best Possible Solutions 

As you already know that the Samsung users are facing “downloading…do not turn off target” frequently. So, try to provide the best solutions for Samsung Galaxy users on the very first attempt. If you are a non-Samsung Galaxy user, then don’t worry; here are solutions. 

Method 1: Close the Download Mode, Forcefully

It seems that you are using Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones like S4, S5, S6 and S7. So, the process to eliminate the “downloading…do not turn off target” will be much easier. When the message appears. Press and hold the power button+home button+volume down button altogether. 

Don’t leave the buttons until and unless the screen turns black. When it does, release the buttons. The device must reboot automatically. If not, then press the power button. If the device reboots, then good, and if not, then you have to follow the next method. 

Method 2: Performing a Clean Reboot

A clean reboot or restart is the process of removing the battery. This shuts down the device completely. If you are using any other removable battery device, then it is easier for you. Other than that, the flagship smartphones of Samsung Galaxy have non-removable batteries. So, there is no scope for removing the battery. 

So, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to initiate the force reboot. Or, you can hold the power button with the volume (-) button simultaneously. This will help in simulated battery disconnect. After that, with the help of the ejection pin, remove the SIM and expandable SD card. After some time, restore all the materials and turn on the device. Hopefully, the “downloading…do not turn off target” will not appear again. 

Method 3: Clear the Cache Files in the Partition

Firmware glitch can be a reason behind the message “downloading…do not turn off target”. If you are planning to try this method, then it will be helpful for you because it will be applicable to Samsung flagship and other smartphone brands. In addition to that, this method is also compatible with tablets. 

Press and hold the volume (+), Home button, power button simultaneously. The device will vibrate and restart. The Android recovery option will appear. Now release all the buttons. Use the volume rocker key to navigate up and down. Use the volume (-) key to highlight the “wipe cache partition”. Press the power button to confirm and wait for the process to end. 

Method 4: Master Reset your Device

It seems that none of the above processes has worked. So, the last and final method is to reset the device. On the other hand, there is no 100% guarantee that the process of master reset will resolve the error message “downloading…do not turn off target”. But, it can be worth a try. Boot up the device through the safe mode and select the master reset option. 

There is another way of master reset. Follow the previous method to enter the recovery mode. Use the volume (-) button to highlight the “wipe data/factory reset”. Press the power button to activate the highlighted option. Hopefully, you are having an SD card and have all the data saved in it. After the completion of the reset, you can restore the backup file from the SD card. 

Master Reset didn’t Work – What Now?

It seems that the failure of all the methods mentioned above has led to a tough situation. So, you have nothing to do but take the device to an authorized service centre. With the help of experienced professionals, you will be able to get the device in its working condition.