Avast Antivirus is undoubtedly among the best antivirus programs for protecting your PC. Apart from that, you can get it on your Mac device. You get a wide range of features in this app to safeguard your device from online threats. 

However, there are certain issues you might come across while using this app. And, being unable to launch seems to be quite common among them. 

Wondering why Avast Premier won’t open on your PC? Then, there are various possible explanations for this problem. Here, we have some simple yet effective ways to fix this problem. And, you should get a solution with one of the methods we have listed below. 

7 Ways to Fix Avast Premier Won’t Open on your PC

As mentioned before, there are multiple possible causes to consider behind this problem. So, you must identify the one that applies to your case and implement the following solutions based on that:

  • Make Sure Avast is Installed Properly

Your PC might fail to launch Avast Premier simply because you have not installed it properly. Were you unable to launch the app since you installed it? Then, you must make sure that there is no issue with the installation. So, go to the Start menu and navigate to the Apps and Features. If you have installed Avast properly, you should find it there. 

Are you unable to find Avast in the Apps and Features? Then, that explains why Avast Premier won’t open on your PC. So, you must delete the app and then go through the installation process again. And, that should provide you with a long-term solution unless there are any other issues. 

  • Relaunch the Avast Antivirus Service

Do you find no issues with the installation? Then, you must look for a problem with the service. So, open the services section and find the Avast Antivirus Service there. As it happens, this service might often face errors, and Avast Premier won’t open as a result. 

You can simply restart the service to fix any temporary errors in it. Right-click it and open its Properties section. Then, make sure it is set to start up automatically in the General tab. Click on Stop, and then click on Start again after a few minutes. This has done the trick in many cases. 

  • Repair Avast Premier

The apps on your device might often get corrupted or damaged under various circumstances. And, Avast Premier won’t open on your device if it faces such a problem. So, you must make sure whether the app is damaged. Open the Control Panel and go to the Apps section. Find Avast Premier there and right-click on it to bring up options.

Click on Uninstall/ Repair and repair the app in the Uninstall Wizard. Confirm your decision and wait for the repairing process to complete. Then, restart your PC and try to launch Avast Premier on it. 

  • Check the Subscription Status

The ‘Avast Premier won’t open’ issue might often indicate a problem with the subscription status. You might have to keep reactivating Avast on your PC once every year. And, not doing that might cause issues with launching Avast Premier on your PC. Right-click on the Avast shortcut and click on ‘Registration information’. This will open a screen where you will get the option to upgrade the subscription. 

Click on Upgrade Now and select Avast Free Antivirus or Avast Premium Security. Select the latter if you have been using the free version and want to use the premium one. Once you are done, you should not face any issues with launching Avast Premier. But, you might have to go through this activation process again after 12 months. 

  • Perform a Clean Boot

Some apps and features on your PC might prevent you from launching Avast Premier. In such cases, you must disable them for an effective solution. You can do that by simply performing a clean boot on your PC. This will disable various programs on your device and might make it easier to identify the culprit. 

Go to the Services section in System Configuration and select the option to disable all Microsoft services. Apply the changes and click on OK once you are done. You can also disable some apps you suspect through the Task Manager. Then, restart your device and check whether Avast Premier won’t open. 

  • Disable the Real-Time Protection

You might fail to launch Avast Premier when your Windows antivirus program identifies it as a threat. After all, antivirus programs identifying each other as threats is quite a common issue. And, this seems to be a possible cause of the ‘Avast Premier won’t open’ issue. Disabling the Real-Time Protection feature might provide you with a long-term solution to it.

Open the Windows Security on your PC through the Start menu to do that. Then, open the Virus & threat protection section and opt for managing the virus and threat protection settings. Do you find the Real-Time Protection enabled? Then, toggle it off and check whether you can start Avast Premier on your PC. 

  • Update Avast Premier

Are you using an outdated version of Avast on your PC? If yes, then that might explain why Avast Premier won’t open on your device. So, you must update it as soon as possible to ensure an optimal solution. Simply right-click the app icon and click on Update. This will open two options – Program and Engine and virus definitions. Select the latter and proceed to check for updates. 

You will get a message saying that the app is up-to-date once the process is complete. Then, you must restart your PC and check whether the issue persists. 

What if Avast Premier Still Does not Open?

The aforementioned fixes are usually enough to fix the ‘Avast Premier won’t open’ issue on PCs. But, if they were ineffective in your case, you might need to update your system. So, get the latest Windows version if you are using an outdated one. Also, make sure to keep the system and the app up-to-date to ensure optimal performance.