Here’s a brief summary of what Android File Transfer is. The name itself is suggestive that the application serves the purpose of transferring files from the Android device to Mac devices. 

Android File Transfer ensures that files, regardless of what type it is, can be transferred to Mac OS. The application is very useful because Mac does not allow MTP (Media transfer protocol) for transferring files to any device other than Mac itself.

But many users have recently reported that they faced issues with the application and that is an android file transfer not working. Even though the connection is established, users get a warning message that says, “Could not connect to the device”. 

If you’re one of the users facing the same issue with the Android file Transfer application, then go through the rest of the contents below to get more information on this.

Android File Transfer: Why Does It Fail To Work? 

There could be various reasons why the application fails to work or android file transfer not working mac. However, here’s a list of some possible scenarios that may trigger the issue:

  1. The permission of granting access to share files is not been given to the Android File transfer application by the Android device. 
  2. There are some underlying issues with the USB cable or that is permanently damaged, thus unable to make a connection with the Mac system. 
  3. The system (Windows or Mac OS) is not compatible with the application.  
  4. If the USB port of the Mac OS is damaged, then Android File Transfer will likely not connect to the system. Similarly, if the USB port of the android device is dysfunctional, then also, the connection will not establish. 
  5. Lastly, if the android device has the application called “Samsung Kies” or “Samsung Smart Switch” then you may likely face issues with the Android File Transfer. This is because these two applications may conflict with the Android File Transfer application. 

Now that you have a brief idea of what may cause the issue, get started with the fixes!

Methods To Apply If The Android File Transfer Is Not Working! 

Go through these easy methods that you can apply if Android File Transfer is not working. 

1. Check The USB Cable

One of the most underrated faults is USB cable. It is possible that the USB cable is not working any longer. Or it could be that the USB cable has issues with compatibility with the device you’re using it on. 

Consider getting it replaced with a new one. Or use a different USB cable to make the File Transfer. 

2. Check File Transfer Settings

Another underrated aspect that could trigger the problem is if the settings in Android File Transfer has been wrongly configured. So, for that, heer’s what you can do. 

When you establish a connection between the Android device and the Mac system, go to your phone and then go to the prompt called “USB Connectivity”. Now, select the option called “File Transfer”. 

In some other android devices, you’d have to choose the option called “USB Debugging” and then select the option called “Media Device (MTP). Once it is connected you can continue to transfer files from Android devices to Mac devices. 

3. Remove Smart Switch/Samsung Kies

As previously mentioned, an inbuilt application called “Smart Switch” and “Samsung Kies” has been reporting to cause a conflict with other applications. Try uninstalling these two options if you have these in the device. Then check if you are being able to transfer files to Mac from android

4. Upgrade Android To It’s Latest Device

It is always advisable to keep the device updated to its latest version. This is because, with every update, comes improved fixes for bugs and newly configured settings. Simply unlock the device and then go to “Settings”. 

From there, scroll down and go to the option called “Software Update”. Check if you have any updates available. If you do then download it. Wait until the update process is done. 

Once it is done, then try connecting Android to Mac. Hopefully, by now, the issue should be resolved. 

5. Update File Transfer

Another major reason why File Transfer is not working is if is not updated to its latest version. Or the very least, if the application is broken. Software applications having old configurations tend to be less useful with every update. 

6 Enable USB Debugging

Until and unless the USB debugging is activated on the Android device then File Transfer will not happen. So to enable it,  do the following steps:

Unlock the Android device and then go to the” Settings” option. From there, scroll down and then tap on the option called “About Phone”. After that, click on the option called “Build Number”. 

Go to the option called “Builder Number” and then tap it for 7 times until you see a prompt that says “Now you’re a developer”. What implies is that now you’ve activated the Developers Option sot make changes in device configurations. 

Once you’re in the Developer Options, scroll down and then select the option called “USB Debugging”. Now, check if you can connect Android to Mac or not. 


Hopefully, the aforementioned easy solutions have worked out for you.

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