A desktop computer has several parts that are connected and assembled. The monitor is an output device that allows you to view all the results in the GUI format. It seems that you are using a monitor manufactured by Acer. What if it stops displaying the desired output? This means that the Acer monitor no signal. 

It’s quite a serious issue, and you need to deal with it as soon as possible. Of course, there are obvious reasons behind it. Some of them are exceeding monitor resolution, faulty cables, wrong selection of ports, outdated graphics drivers, faulty or damaged cables and many more. In addition to that, if your computer is in hibernation mode, the signal won’t reach the monitor. 

Gathering Essential Tools 

Keeping household tools is important. You might need to tighten and loosen several screws to eliminate the Acer monitor no signal issue. Make sure you don’t use any sharp objects that might damage the cables. Now, let’s check the solutions stated below. 

Methods to Resolve Acer Monitor No Signal Issue

It seems that your computer is turned on. In this situation, observe all the wires and cables carefully. After that, turn off the computer. Else you can get an electric shock. Now follow the methods given here. 

Method 1: Check the Cables

Plug out all the ports from the monitor, the CPU and SMPS. Have a look at them very carefully. If you notice any wear and tear, never use the cable again. Instead, get a new one and replace it. In addition to that, check the cable connectors. You might need to clean them gently. When done, reconnect all the cables, and hopefully, Acer monitor no signal will not happen again. 

Method 2: Update the Graphics Driver

The graphics driver plays an impotent role in manipulating the monitor and other VDUs. So, there is a fair chance that the Acer monitor no signal that might take place due to the outdated graphics driver. The solution is easy. Ask your friend or neighbour to lend their monitor for some time. Attach it to your CPU and navigate to the Device Manager. In the Drivers section, click on graphics drivers to expand the menu—Right-click to update the drivers. On completion, return the monitor and reconnect your monitor.  

Method 3: Reconnect all the HDMI Power Outlets

If your desktop has more than one HDMI source, it will be easier to resolve the issue. Keep your computer on and disconnect all the HDMI power outlets. Keep the system idle for 3 to 5 minutes. After that, reconnect the HDMI cables tightly. This will help you in avoiding any loose connections. It seems that this method has a fair chance of eliminating the Acer monitor no signal issue. 

Method 4: Turn off the Power Saving Mode

Suppose you want to put your computer to sleep mode. But, suddenly, the system froze. In such a situation, the Acer monitor no signal message will display on the screen. In this type of situation, you have nothing to do but force restart your computer. Press and hold the Power button of the CPU until the system turns off. Wait for a few minutes, and then turn it on. No matter what websites, excel and word sheets you have opened, you will get the option of restore. 

Method 5: Restore the Monitor to its Factory Settings

It seems that one of your friends or neighbours have lent their monitor to you. As mentioned earlier, after updating the graphics driver, if the issue persists, you need to restore the monitor to its factory settings. Connect the external monitor and turn on your system. Navigate to the easy display switcher and choose the “Computer only” option. After that, turn off the system and detach the external monitor. Now, connect your monitor to the system and surely, it will work without displaying the “Acer monitor no signal” message. 

None of the Methods Worked; what now?

If none of the above methods worked for you, then the matter is quite serious. Either there are major problems with the CPU or the motherboard. Professional help is now the only option. Contact the retailer from whom you have purchased and assembled your desktop. After a detailed investigation, if they say that the monitor is faulty, take it to the authorised service centre.