It is fun and interesting to see your younger or older version. Isn’t it? A lot of the mass is sharing the outcome of their own experiments with the help of the Faceapp filter on social media.

The extent of viral this face-editing tool went in the last few days is almost equal to the number of people raising concerns about its safety factor and terms and conditions. People had issues regarding their data which they believed was stored in the company’s server.

But Faceapp did not agree to this issue raised. They said that most of the pics get deleted from their servers within 48 hours of being uploaded. They also said that it only uploaded photos which users selected for editing and not any other images.

Faceapp Download – Goes Viral

Faceapp is not only an art photo-editor powered by Artificial Intelligence but also covers a huge population of over 80 million active users.  You can easily download this free app to your device from AppStore or Google Play.

At present, there are 21 fun & free filters in the free version. The paid version has 218 filters that can change your look completely with just one tap. Also, it comes with a free trial version which is available for 3 days to enjoy the premium features before paying for the Pro Version. 

How to use Faceapp?

Take a photo and filter it with FaceApp by following the easy steps below.

  1. First of all, Faceapp download for mobile.
  2. As it is launched, you will see a head-shaped overlay in a live view of your camera. As the app detects a face the overlay disappears. Now, position your face within the overlay.
  3. Faceapp will at the very moment begin to process the photo when you have got the framing rightly. After the framing part is done, tap the shutter button  
  4. After the processing part is finished, swipe through the filter and choose one. The app will very soon start applying the filter.
  5. A save button appears in which you can also tap any of the share icons to share your newly created image.

Use Photo Filter from your Photo Library

You can also do face app online editing to photos from your photo gallery. If you are looking for Faceapp download, follow the procedure mentioned below.

  1. Faceapp Download should be your first step.
  2. After that, bring your photo from your photo library and place your finger on the photos at the bottom of the screen and swipe upward.
  3. Faceapp will quickly begin to scan the photo as soon as you choose a photo.
  4. After that, FaceApp will immediately begin to apply the filter after processing is finished. You can easily stroke through the filter and choose one.
  5. Now tap on the save button and click on any of the share icons to share it with your friends.

Is FaceApp Safe for You?

At present, FaceApp is the meme which is dominating the internet since 2017. When you open FaceApp, you select your pictures to upload as well as to share. The app process the image on its servers rather than on the device.

It happens at times, that when you select an image to upload, it gets access to your gallery, even if you have not given permission to Faceapp filter to access your images. This loophole was found in iOS 11 and was also solved by the company.

You can now choose a particular picture for the app to access without allowing it to see your gallery of your phone and iCloud libraries. But if you give the app entire access to view your gallery, only then it will be able to retrieve your personal information.

There is no proof that that the app is transferring your entire list in the background. Currently, there is no particular threat to FaceApp users. Using this app is not something to panic over. The app is transferring your data to services such as Google’s DoubleClick platform which is quite common for apps at this moment.