Nowadays, we can’t imagine our lives without wearing or using a face mask when we are out. However, it was almost out of the picture that we came across this situation. And, face masks are available in different forms. It can be a single-use surgical mask, reusable face masks, N-95 masks, and so on. When everything goes into the laundry, your face masks do too. And, they can get stuck in the washing machine.

As a result, the washing machine starts showing issues as the washing machine’s pumps can catch face masks. Eventually, homeowners have to call in professional washing machine repair Dubai services to get everything in order. 

And, repair companies are experiencing a surge in breakdown call-outs. But, how are face masks causing trouble in washing machines? Let’s find out and check if there’s any cure to this hassle.

How Can Face Masks be Stuck into a Washing Machine?

According to washing machine repair Dubai experts, the weirdest things have been happening regarding the stuck history of washing machines. It’s not the first time that washing machine pumps have caught something that shouldn’t be in there. Washing machine repair technicians frequently get calls to fix a washing machine that has trouble with coins.

On the other hand, anything exquisite or tiny can peek through the holes of the washtub. And, they can easily reach the pumps. No doubt, all this can make the pumps go crazy. Just like the coin, face masks can easily reach the critical parts of the washing machine.

Not to mention, this petty issue can halt the entire laundry experience. And, users have to hire professional washing machine repair Dubai specialists for unblocking the pump. Apart from face masks, anything flimsy material that can pass the filter can reach the pump and ruin your day.

However, the extent of the damage can vary widely. Some users report minor issues, while some users have to replace major parts of the appliance. Engineers have also manifested different consequences of masks getting into the washing machine pumps and destroying them.

Mostly, if the face mask gets caught in the filter, then it takes a while for technicians to bring it out. On the other hand, if it paves its way through the washing machine pump, then it can severely impact the pump. And, the engineers are left with no choice other than to replace the pump.

How does it happen?

If any surgical or similar thin mask gets inside the washing machine, then there are chances that you can encounter issues. According to washing machine repair Dubai experts, one must check whether you are putting any mask on the entire laundry. It will be better if you go for specialised techniques for washing masks.

When the washing machine starts spinning, then face masks, or any slim object can easily slip through the small holes and gaps of the inner steel drum. Is it so easy to get into the pumps of washing machines? 

Well, no, because strainers, filters, and screens can restrict small things to get into the pump. Most objects can’t make their way through these restrictions. Yet, face masks can get through and stick to the pump. 

What is the result? The pump will stop working, and the washing machine won’t spin at all. And, this is an unavoidable circumstance that requires professional expertise as soon as possible. People are hiring reliable technicians to fix washing machines just to fix the menace. 

Apart from the spinning issues, homeowners have reported that masks can lead to issues associated with the appliance’s drainage system. You can’t drain the washing machine until technicians come and address the problem.

To be compact, professional washing machine repair Dubai companies are getting more and more calls related to washing machine spinning and draining troubles. And, when the technicians reach to solve the issue, they find out that it was just a face mask. And, the truth is that you have to be more careful while loading your next laundry.

What can you do to Prevent Such Scenarios?

Don’t throw face masks into the washing machine. Especially when it comes to surgical face masks or thin masks. Always check the pockets of your clothes before you put them into the washing machine. Additionally, if you have to wash face masks in a washing machine, here’s a trick from the washing machine repair Dubai experts.

Use pillow covers to insert face masks into them, and then you can throw them into the washing machine for a spin. According to professionals, you need to wash face masks at a 60 degree Celsius temperature to get rid of germs. 

Washing machines are perfect appliances for treating your face masks with sanity. In addition, you can make use of mesh bags to wash face masks. This ensures that face masks are not lost inside the drum and slip through the filter.

Comfortable Way to Wash a Face Mask

Apart from thin masks, people are using cloth masks that one can repetitively use. And, the entire thing won’t be possible if you don’t wash the face mask with proper care. Moreover, the mask should be germ-free for the next use. Otherwise, you are providing a breeding ground for germs that can lead to skin problems and other health hazards.

So, here’s how you can safely wash a face mask inside your washing machine. Use a mesh bag and pour all the face masks that you want to rinse. Now, put the mesh bag into the washing machine. Afterwards, add fabric-safe disinfectant into the rinse compartment. And, you can turn on the machine. Make sure that you wash every single cloth mask after using them every time. 

Here’s another tip from washing machine repair Dubai experts: Wash face masks separately that vary in colour.

How to Wash Face Masks without a Washing Machine?

Washing machines indeed reduce the effort behind washing apparel. But, there are times when you can’t go for a washing machine spin. After all, it takes a considerable amount of time to wash your face masks. Then, you can simply hand wash them. Washing face masks by hand is equally effective as using a washing machine.

Clog the washbasin with the plug and pour hot water into the basin. Now, pour some detergent or shampoo into the basin. Add all your masks and let them soak. After a while, when the water is cool enough to touch, start scrubbing them by hand. 

Take at least five to seven minutes to scrub all face masks with your hands. After that, you can wring out the water and rinse them thoroughly. Make sure that no detergent is left behind. Use cold water to rinse them. And, let them dry naturally or in the sun.

Wrapping up….

So, if you have to use a washing machine to wash face masks, then use preventive measures as discussed above. Or else, you can simply hand-wash them. After all, it won’t feel right to get your washing machine pump faulty just because of a single face mask. Therefore, follow the above-mentioned rules discussed by washing machine repair Dubai experts and live stress-free.