Printers are now one of the most important gadgets used in the 21st century. This particular device has made a very important position in every sector of the modern world and even at home.

But, it is pretty much natural to see some muddles occurring with a printer as it is just a machine.

The thing is when such a situation occurs you need to understand what is the problem with the printer.

Before you run for looking for a solution for the mess that your printer is causing, you need to have a piece of complete knowledge about the error that is occurring and the reason behind it.

This is why we are here with this article that will let you have a total understanding of the different errors that you might face while making the use of an Epson printer.

The errors are here explained with details so that you can get the exact solution for the error. Also, it is important to know about a gadget in detail for your own benefit.

Now, let us get into the errors that you might come face to face with while using a printer of Epson.

The Epson Printer Errors – Diving Deep

Here, I have given a detailed description of the possible errors that might occur in the Epson printing device you are using.

1. Epson Error Code 0xEA

Epson printer error code 0xEA is one of the very common issues that users have complained about facing till now.

This is an error that comes into existence when the packaging materials are removed in a very careless manner.

When Epson error code 0xEA starts playing a role when you are in the midway of printing a paper.

The printing spooler keeps on stopping all of a sudden and it occurs without any reason.

If you want to dive deep into the matter you will surely discover that the problem is occurring either due to the jamming of the packaging material in the cartridge caddy or the cartridge misplacement inside the printer.

But, fortunately, the fixation methods to this error are actually not very complicated. So, if you anyhow face this issue, coming out of it is not very tough in reality.

2. Epson Printer Offline

This problem is also a very common problem that many users have faced. The Epson error printing wireless that actually occurs here is the Epson printer would be showing its status as offline on a computer device.

This is a problem that not only Epson printers show but also shown by many other brands as well.

Now, if you want to know why this issue comes into being, it takes place due to incorrect printer configurations in Windows or due to bugs in the bundled in Epson printer software.

There are some easy sets of steps to get rid of this problem within a few moments.

3. Epson Error Code 0x9a

Some Epson printer models are prone to error code 0x9a. The main reason behind the occurrence of Epson printer error 0x9a is the wrong configuration on the system.

Sometimes some obstacles like paper scrap or any screws in the carriage also lead to the evolution of Epson error code 0X9a on your printer.

There are two different ways of fixing this error, one is the manual method and the other is the automatic method.

Well, this Epson printer error is something that you should react very quickly to as it is very much symbolic of a very critical situation of your Epson printer.

There are many possible reasons behind this error. One can be the gathering of debris like a paper jam or any open screw.

The rails that get accidentally bent can also cause this error. A dirty encoder strip can be another one. If you have a lousy sensor board, then also error 0x9a is plausible to take place.

You need to keep your device protected from harmful malware attacks as a virus can also cause this issue on your Epson printer.

4. Epson Print Head Alignment

Another problem that I will like to discuss here is the misalignment of the Epson print head alignment.

When occurs the images or articles that you are printing on paper, get printed at an angle and the contents are not printed in a straight alignment.

The printer head can become aligned if the paper gets stuck in the cartridge somehow or the cartridges are dirty and not cleaned regularly.

If you are using a low-quality cartridge in your Epson printer then it is one of the major reasons behind the occurrence of this error.

After a long time of printing, the machine starts to show the problem with misalignment.

5. Epson Printer Power Light Flashing

Epson printer power light flashing is the last thing that I will talk about here.

If you need a proper explanation if you find out that the green power light of your Epson printer is flashing, then it is due to the printer receiving a print job, carrying on a replacement of an ink cartridge, charging ink, or making the print head clean.

Sometimes the green power light may go on and off due to the blocking of the movement of the print head because of a paper.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the errors that are actually common to occur when you are using an Epson printer.

The detailed explanation of each error will now let you have an easy understanding of your device’s problems.

Let us know in the comments if the details were as per your requirement. Also, do not forget to have a visit to the other relevant articles that we keep on posting regularly on this website.