Electric cars are a relatively new invention in the automotive industry, but it is undeniable true that their popularity is growing every year. Despite the fact that at the moment the main number of electric cars is concentrated in the USA, nowadays they also could be largely found on the streets of Europe or China, it is impossible not to say about their great contribution to the development of not only the automotive industry but also to the development of an eco and environmental- friendly lifestyle. Their vehicles are no doubt more economical in comparison with the diesel ones. In the near future, the trend of buying cars with electric engines will only increase, so today we are going to share with you the latest news about the trends of manufacturing electric vehicles that are waiting for us in 2022.

  • Used electric vehicles

One of the reasons why electric cars have not yet received mass distribution is the initial high cost. Of course, electric cars are much more profitable in operation than cars with diesel engines, nevertheless, a small number of people can afford to buy an electric car the price of which is two or even three times higher than diesel vehicles. However, in the near future, electric cars can be bought not only in the salon, but also from a driver who has used it for some time and is now ready to sell it at a lower price. They will provide customers with all the advantages of new cars, but at a lower price, which will make electrification available to more users.

If you are still in doubt about buying an electric car, you should try to rent it for a few days to understand if it’s suitable for you. Thus, you can combine business with pleasure and, while on vacation, use the services of car rental services. It’s becoming increasingly popular with tourists due to the low price and a great variety of cars to choose from. Being in Dubai, where high-quality highways for cars are the best suited for fast driving, you can easily rent the latest Tesla model, or choose the all-time option and take advantage of a Lamborghini hire in Dubai. In both cases, you will get a luxury car and unforgettable emotions from the trip.

  • Software personalize electric vehicles

Owners of electric vehicles tend to adapt to advanced technologies faster than owners of traditional ones. If you drive an electric car, there is a high probability that there is an app on your smartphone that analyzes your trips and supplements you with all sorts of useful functions. In 2022, more augmented reality technologies will be used in the operating system of electric cars, which will make trips even more comfortable and safer for the driver.

  • Environmental friendly charging stations

Let’s be honest, the quality and environmental friendliness of an electric car directly depends on the way it is powered, in other words the quality of the electricity plays a key role. In 2022, more smart technologies will be developed that will help us optimize the time and methods of energy extraction to power electric vehicles. The software alone cannot eliminate the environmental impact of transportation, but it can make it easier to charge electric vehicles with clean energy.

electric car trends

  • Corporate electric vehicles

In 2022, we will see a growing interest of companies in corporate fleets of electric vehicles. Electrification of fleets will help to save on fuel. Even with higher vehicle and infrastructure costs, businesses will reap long-term benefits by switching to electric vehicles. Thus, large manufacturing companies will reduce the amount of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere due to a decrease in the purchase and use of diesel fuel, since only electricity will be used during the supply of their goods.

  • Self-driving cars

The existence of autonomous vehicles, so called self-driving cars, is no longer new. It is expected that they will gain popularity in 2022 and in the future become a part of our daily life. Self-driving cars have a big number of advantages: they are safer, reduce the risk of accidents related to the human factor, and also increase fuel efficiency. Many transport companies are testing self-driving technology and in a couple of months will be ready to use them. It is said that in the near future autonomous commercial trucks with automatic control will become commonplace.

At the moment, these are the main trends in the development of electric cars in 2022. We hope that in the near future their production will only increase, and technological progress will not stand still. This is a big step for the ecological future of humanity and the preservation of a clean environment.