Loss of data can be threatening, especially if it’s your professional or financial data. Additionally, you don’t want to lose all those precious memories that are saved on your PC. So, you should be looking for a data recovery service or software that can save your day when you have encountered a severe data loss. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a promising data recovery software that can immediately retrieve files back to your device in accessible formats.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a reliable interface that can fruitfully recover all your data that has been lost or corrupted on your device. Additionally, this data recovery tool is powerful enough to serve general users and IT professionals.

Let’s see how EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can assist you.

EaseUS Data Recovery: Intro

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, developed by a Chinese software company, is a data recovery software that has been in the industry for years. It has been more than a decade, and EaseUS Data Recovery comes in both free and paid versions. Additionally, the software can run on both Windows and macOS environments. Disk recovery is one of the top priorities when it comes to EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

What can you retrieve using EaseUS Data Recovery Dubai services? You can easily retrieve lost files, images, videos, documents, partition losses, formatting errors, lost files due to OS crashes, and other data loss scenarios. Now, you can restore deleted and corrupted files on plenty of devices.

Supported Environments of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The success of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard relies on the platform or the operating system that it supports. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can run on Mac and Windows devices. However, this software isn’t capable of running on Linux, ChromeOS, and web-based premises. Apart from Windows and Mac devices, EaseUS Data Recovery offers compatibility with Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

How does EaseUS Data Recovery work? This software helps in the recovery of data that has been lost or deleted. Additionally, if the crashed application makes files disappear, then EaseUS Data Recovery software can assist you. You can use this program for recovering non-mounting, corrupted, and raw partitions. Apart from such normal data recovery Dubai services, this particular data recovery software can help you in more professional and advanced approaches.

If you’re thinking about retrieving data from failing servers and RAID storage, then this software can do that, as well. However, this definite data recovery software lacks only one feature for becoming the best in class data recovery tool in the market — EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard doesn’t support the full-scan feature. This software can only read partitions.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery

The data recovery tool comprises plenty of features that can drive it as one of the best data retrieval software in the market. As you already know that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports Windows and Mac devices.

The software can follow numerous scanning options, such as full hard drive scan, deleted file recovery, deleted partition recovery, and corrupted file recovery. Apart from this, you can purchase separate plans for specialised data recovery modes. And, they are CD recovery, Bootable USB device recovery, and Cloning.

When it comes to scanning options, then there are multiple choices available. You can go for either Quick scan or Deep scan techniques for EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Additionally, you can activate the Sort by File type option for scanning. Yet, there’s no option for scanning by file type while you are using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.


Besides internal drive recovery, you can pursue external drive recovery with the help of EaseUS Data Recovery software. It covers SD card recovery as well as removable media recovery. However, the software is unable to recover data from optical drives such as CDs and DVDs.

In addition to this, the supported media type of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is basic. It can recover document types, such as Word, PDF, Powerpoint, and Excel. Additionally, you can avail support for archive types such as zip, gzip, Stuffit, and RAR. When it comes to audio files, you can recover MP3, AIFF, WAV, AAC, and Ogg files. Moreover, you have full freedom to retrieve lost or deleted RAW, jpeg, png, Illustrator, and Photoshop files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

If you’re thinking about file systems, then EaseUS Data Recovery can help you with your Windows NTFS and FAT files. And, for Mac, you can recover HFS and HFS+ files with the help of EaseUS Data Recovery software. And, it’s exFAT if you’re thinking about removal storage data recovery with EaseUS.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: The Recovery Mechanism

As soon as you launch the tool on your PC, the software will show you all the available devices and partitions associated with the device on which you have launched the application. You can notice all physical devices and there are chances that you can observe a recovery partition, as well. If you have inserted a removable device meanwhile, you can refresh the interface to quickly discover the newly inserted device.

In case you can’t find a partition that you desire, then you can again scan the device. Now, users can click on a particular partition to start the scanning feature. Once it completes scanning, you can check out the details of those files that you want to recover. The available option of Preview lets you notice what the usability of the file will be. Afterwards, you can choose the file that you want to recover. Then, you need to click on Recover. Now, you have to wait till the Recovery completes.

Overall Performance of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Speaking of performance speed, the entire process might take a while. Because the software triggers a deep scanning mechanism, and it’s vital for the exquisite recovery of files on your system. However, the EaseUS Data Recovery tool is available as both free and paid subscriptions. Check out the 30-day trial before you commit to an annual subscription or so.