Data breaches are a common cause of concern as it may result in passwords and data loss. The companies, therefore, must adopt good software for securities.

This is because data breaches may cost them a considerable amount of money and therefore proper security is necessary. Also, a data breach can be a consequence of a severe cyberattack.

This ultimately grants permission to the criminals so that they can get any unauthorized access to a computer system or network, resulting in loss of confidential, private or financial data within it.

Reasons behind the Data Breaches in India  

As we all know, information, when accessed without any authorization, causes loss to the organizations and results in data breaches. In India, the reasons behind the data breaches are many. Some of them are listed below:

  • First of all, you may face data breach due to any malicious or criminal attacks. 
  • System glitches are always instrumental and very common for causing severe data breaches as well. 
  • You may also face such data breaches due to any human error. 
  •  Lastly and most importantly, a lack of proper security software can also lead to it.

Procedure to Recover a Data Breach

Data breaches threats a majority of organizations. No matter what, a skilled attacker can always successfully crack the policies, strategies or even defenses in order to hack.

Therefore, it is essential and crucial to stay protected. Yet you can surely recover them if it gets breached. Here are some of the ways how you can do so. 

Say No to Breach

If a company notes that there is a breach, the first and foremost job of the company would be to control it as fast as possible. The ways in which a company controls actually depends upon the type of the breach.

Thus, make sure to start by isolating. Isolate the hacked system that has been assessed. This actually prevents further spreading of the breach in the entire network system.

You can disconnect the account of the user and shut down that specific department which was targeted.

If you have any security infrastructure that is complex due to multiple numbers of layers then it can help you to locate the attacker and isolate it in a  much faster and efficient way.

Once it is done, make sure to eliminate in order to prevent any further damage.

Assess the Damage   

Once you are done with the previous process, the second one involves assessing the damage. You need to investigate the causes that may lead to damage to your organization.

If you want to know how the attack happened, it is necessary to prevent all such paths that lead to future attacks by using the same tactics.

Also, check the affected system thoroughly. This is because it could provide you possible hints of the attacker.

Notify the Affected Ones

The next step involves notifying the affected ones. It might include several authorities, any third party organizations or individuals. The affected must be notified by email, phone calls or any other sort of communication.

Security Audit

Following that, the next step further involves the introduction of the security audit. It is necessary to assess the current security system of the organization. 

Many organizations think that the IT security that they have are enough but no one can claim it before the security audit.

Recovery Plan for Future Attacks

If you are attacked once, there is a chance of getting attacked again. Therefore, it is important to save yourself from further attacks by preparing for it before-hand.

You must have a recovery plan ready in order to protect your organization from such attacks.

Ways to Protect your Company from a Data Breach

Data breaches have a past history of leaking personal, confidential, and protected information. Thus, as discussed earlier, you should always focus on the ways to protect your company from a data breach. Here are some of the ways.

  • Train your employees regarding cybersecurity.
  • Protect sensitive data. Whether used or unused, all data should be protected.
  • Use strong passwords and change it after every 6 months.
  • The company must ensure proper tracking and monitoring of the data that has been     transferred. This will ultimately prevent the data from getting exploited. 
  • You should not give access to certain systems.
  • Most importantly, there must be a proper use of security software.

India’s Rank in the World Regarding the Total Cost of Data Breaches

India ranks 15 in the world with respect to the total cost of data breaches. Around 51 % of them are due to the malicious attacks, within which 27% are due to glitches in the system and 22% are due to human error. 

The leader of IBM India’s security software says that the cybercrimes that are targeting India are more organized and sophisticated nowadays.

To Conclude 

A Data breach is dangerous. As discussed above, the availability of proper security to control breaches and use of security software or other major ways should be easily accessible.

Therefore, let us know in the comment section below whether your company has suffered from any such breaches or not.

Following that, please let us know if you have used any of the above-mentioned measures to control it or not.

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