Apps like Mobile Tumblr, YouTube have come up with dark mode feature to soothe the users’ eyes. The dark mode iPhone is an exclusive feature designed for users to provide comfort to their eyes. It is easier to look at the screen if the screen is dark being less bright.

Lighter colors are very bright causing various eye problems like watery eyes, power change, weakening of optic nerve, and harmful eye allergies.

The dark mode reverses the application color scheme by setting white characters on a black background. This feature saves a lot of battery life and also relieves your eyes from straining.

The dark mode permits the user to swap every component of the app from being bright to dark or black.

Dark Mode for Tumblr: What Makes it a Perfect Feature? 

Tumblr is a social networking website invented by Internet Entrepreneur David Karp in the year 2007. Verizon Media is the owner of this application. It is a network of millions of personal websites, which is also used as a platform for blogging, posting photos and videos. You get friends and followers through this app and bring the world a little closer to you.

This article deals with the recently upgraded feature of Mobile Tumblr – the dark mode. Not only in the browser but also dark mode feature is added to its mobile app. The color palette in Tumblr allows you to choose the hue in both Android and iOS devices.

On Tumblr, the users can now pick up anyone between Dark mode to ‘Turn down the lights’; Low-contrast Class, which has a low-contrast color strategy using blue shade; and True Blue, the inbuilt Tumblr colors.

Update to Dark Mode on iPhone: Feed Yourself With Greater Delight 

Dark mode for iPhone is a new feature, indeed a feature most sought after. Apart from that, enabling dark mode is quite simple in iOS 13. Follow the steps cited below to turn on dark mode iPhone with iOS 13. 

  1. Open the Settings option from the main menu from your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Thereafter, press upon the “Display & Brightness” option.
  3. Once done, Choose Appearance.
  4. Finally, you must press on Change to Dark mode from the Appearance window.

Why is the Dark Mode Best for You?  

Under this section, we shall shed light on some of the core benefits of switching over to Dark Mode. Thus, you shall understand how the Dark Mode is indeed the best for you.

Health factor:

The most important benefit of the dark mode is that they produce less blue light. This means that your sleep cycle is less prone to be disturbed.

Consequently, people who are using dark mode often do so as it gives them provision for a better experience in using their phones and tabs during night time.

Vision weakness is caused due to glaring at a brighter light for a prolonged period of time. This issue is also solved to a great extent by a darker background on the screen. Moreover, it helps in curing photophobia.

Practical Considerations: 

Dark colors have the ability to utilize less amount of power. Besides, since a  darker display functions better in low light settings, your power users will also be reduced, thereby conserving energy.

Defective pixels can also be hidden with the help of a dark background. Sometimes, some particular colors stand out well on black background. This comes in handy when you desire to emphasize a particular section of information on a page. A dark border allows the light-colored text to require less area for margin.

This is simpler for the page designers to utilize the entire page as more characters get included on the screen making the readers comfortable in reading.

How to get Dark Mode on Tumblr?

You can activate dark mode on Tumblr with the help of Tumblr’s new color palette feature. The steps go like this:

  • Press upon the “person-shaped silhouette” icon from the menu bar
  • As soon as the next screen appears, click on the cog icon from the top.
  • Once done, from Account Settings, press on the option general Settings.
  • Next, you should click on Color Palette.
  • Lastly, press upon the Dark Mode from the screen of Color Palette.

 Now, you will see that the app will immediately change its color scheme.


Getting back to the default mode is also simple. Do not tap on Dark Mode in the last step, instead tap on ‘True Blue’. This is Tumblr’s default theme color. Tumblr Dark Mode is something that is not very common in mobile apps. Youtube has also come up with its dark mode feature in its latest updated version.

Within a few months, the operating system of the iPhone (iOS 13) is coming with its own dark mode. This drift is going to stay for a long period of time. Tumblr’s new Color Palette feature is available in both the iPhones as well as Android phones.