According to Expert Market Research, the car accessories industry is seeing rapid growth all over the world in 2022. Nifty electronic additions for all aspects of life have become exponentially commonplace, and the inside of your car is no exception. In-car gadgetry offers an easy way to optimize your time while commuting and improves the overall quality of your driving experience. These are the hottest in-car gadgets in 2022.

Bluetooth Cassette Receivers

The Bluetooth cassette receiver is bound to elicit excitement from every vintage car enthusiast. Finally, a way to play your favorite songs in a vehicle with limited technological capacity. These inventive little car gadgets found a gap in the market where vintage or dated car owners were frustrated by the incompatibility of old-school car design and modern music technology. The drivers of today want to be able to listen to their Spotify playlists in a dated car without caving to the tinny speakers of a smartphone, and these cassette-shaped Bluetooth devices are the answer.

Essentially just a Bluetooth receiver in the shape of a cassette, this gadget can be popped into a traditional car cassette player while connecting to your smartphone. That way, you can play anything your smartphone plays for smooth, uninterrupted sound throughout your road journey. And there’s more: instead of the usual 2-hour rotation, these gadgets last up to 10 hours before needing a charge.

Stingers And Escape Tools

Between 2020 and 2021, US roads saw a 4.6% increase in traffic-related fatal crashes. Studies gather that mounting stress and anxiety levels have affected the confidence of drivers, subsequently amplifying the demand for in-car gadgets that serve to protect and support vehicle passengers.

Two gadgets receiving the most consumer attention are stingers and other escape tools. Stingers are surprisingly small multi-purpose tools equipped to cut through jammed seat belts, break vehicle windows, and smash open metal surfaces in the event of a crash that results in limited physical movement. Used in the right moment, this gadget can quite literally save lives.

On the topic of modern car safety, drivers couldn’t benefit more from investing in a small or compact SUV. SUVs are higher up off the ground than other cars and more capable of handling a major impact. They also tend to have advanced safety features and come standard with a greater number of airbags. Plus, compact cars are ideal for busy suburban roads and fitting into tight parking spaces.

Amazon’s New Echo Auto

Think Google’s famed Alexa, but for your car. The newly released Echo Auto from Amazon functions as in-car virtual assistance for drivers who don’t want to omit the Alexa experience when they leave home. Kitted out with eight microphones, the Echo Auto can hear you over loud wind and stream directly from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and even Audible.

Where To Next?

These three gadgets only capture a sliver of what’s available on the current in-car gadget market. From voice-activated virtual assistants to life-saving stingers, 2022 is proving that car gadgets are so much more than just trinkets. As interest in vehicular gadgets peak and consumer demand evolves, who knows what will come next?