A lot of converters are available on the internet that will require you to download the software and install it. This takes up a lot of effort and time. Additionally, most of them are paid versions as well. 

However, there is another way to convert WAV format files into MP3 files easily. And that is online wav to mp3 converter. There are many online converters that are capable of converting WAV files into MP3 files. Find out more information on how to convert wav to mp3 below!

What Exactly is a WAV File?

A WAV file is a short form of Waveform Audio File Format. This file is basically audio that is raw. This file has its origin from Microsoft as well as IBM. Audio files that are not compressed or audio files that are lossless are huge in size. 

Approximately 10MB is needed for audio that is of 1-minute duration. WAV files take a lot of space due to this. An uncompressed audio file is divided into chunks and stored in containers. This is done by a mechanism called RIFF which is known as Resource Interchange File Format.

This relatively a common way for the Windows system to store files like AVI that contain both audios as well as videos. 

The purpose of making such a huge file for an audio element is to store the essential quality of sound and to keep its integrity intact. This is why music industries use WAV files for precise recording purposes. 

Top 5 Web-Based Converter for Converting WAV into MP3!

Here is the list of top 5 wav to mp3 converter online than you can use to convert WAV files into MP3 files without any hassle!

1. Apowersoft

Apowersoft is a free wav to mp3 converter that supports any format such as MP4 or WAV and audios into any format of audio you’d like with a few clicks. The website is free of cost which means you won’t be charged for anything. 

All you need to do is, first upload the WAV file from your desktop into the website and then choose the output as MP3 for conversion from the option called “Output Settings”. 

After you’ve set the preferences, click on the option called “Convert”. Once the conversion is done, you can download the file with the “Download” button. However, keep in mind that WAV files are big in size and the output also might be of a big size. 

It could take several minutes or an hour depending on the speed of the internet you’re using. Keep patience and do not interrupt the process anyhow. 

2. Online Audio Converter

You may wonder as the name suggests limited conversion but it also converts video of various formats like MP4 and WAV into audio files.  

 Just like the previous website, you’d be required to upload the desired WAV file for conversion, choose the output as MP3 and start converting using the “Convert” button to convert wav to mp3 online

The benefit of using this website is that it does not keep any record of files uploaded by users. As soon as you refresh the page after you’ve downloaded, the site will get rid of it immediately. 

3. Media.iO

Another profound website is named as Media.iO that does a similar job without costing you a dime. It supports over 150 formats of both videos as well as audio files. 

And the reason why this website is different than other websites is that it takes nearly 80 times the speed in converting compared to other converting websites. 

Another key feature of this website batch version. This means that you can convert multiple WAV files at a time. 

Just like other websites, you need to upload the WAV file. Then choose MP3 as a resultant output. You can also choose the quality in which you want the converted audio file to be in and then proceed to the “Convert” button. 

4. Online-Convert

Online-Convert works differently than another website. The interface of this website allows you to choose conversion categories based on user requirement. You can convert WAV files into MP3 files under the “Video Converter” section. Set the output to “MP3” and continue converting. 

A disadvantage of using this website is that you an upload limited size of the file which is 100MB. If the WAV file that you’re looking to convert is within 100MB in size, then this website is applicable for you. 

5. Zamzar

Zamzar is also a wav to mp3 converter free for converting video files such as MP4 and WAV into audio elements like MP3 or AAC and much more. The interface of this website is clean and easy to use so that anyone can convert it for the first time. 

To use Zamzar, open the web browser and go to its official website. Then click on the option called “Convert Files”. After that, click on “Choose Files” to import the desired WAV file for conversion. 

Then go to “Step 2” beside the “Choose Files” box. Select the output type as MP3. After that, go to “Step 3” and write your email address so that you can receive the converted file. And lastly, go to “Step 4” to confirm the process by clicking on the option called “Convert”. 

Once you confirm the conversion, you will see that a bar is showing the progress of the conversion. Keep in mind that WAV files a huge in size so the bigger it is the longer it will take to convert. 

As soon as the conversion is done, you will receive the file in your email. However, as long as it takes, you must not stop the process by refreshing the page or else you’d have to start over again. In addition to this, keep in mind that you should have a steady flow of internet connection. 

Also, the Zamzar website does not allow users to upload files that are over 100MB. Hence, if the WAV file is less than 100MB then you can go for it. 

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