It is impossible to stay up-to-date about all the cybersecurity threats when it is rapidly increasing day by day. Cyberspace is the only battlefield where both the good guys and bad guys are competing with each other constantly. The good guys are trying to find the patches for the destruction created by the bad guys. It’s a never-ending platform where the only constant is the change.

A Constant War Between Cyber Criminals That’s Never Going To End

Last year, the Wanna cry ransomware worm affected more than 3,00,000 computers in 150 different countries. On the other hand, Nepeta asked for $300 ransom in the form of Bitcoin. Looks like 2017 was not at all a pleasant year for the Cybersecurity industry. So the question is, will the situation remain the same in the year 2018? But after the growing battle between the cyber experts, it seems to be changing for worse.

During last few years the cyber threats have been increasing widely in terms of the frequency and severity. Individuals and groups are constantly trying to expose flaws in the security system and attempting to compromise the organizational infrastructure. Here, I am aiming at giving you a clearer look at the most common Cybersecurity threats that the world is facing every day.

Phishing – Aims To Steal Your Personal Details

Phishing is tagged as the heart of the cybercriminals as it is the easiest method to execute and gives a quicker result to what they are looking for without much of effort. The world is currently experiencing a lot of fake emails, text messages, and websites designed to look like the original ones.

These are set by the criminal who is willing to steal your personal information and financial data online. This process is widely known as ‘spoofing’. It asks for your personal details and updates in such a manner that it will look completely official to you. But here the main focus is to grab your money and run away.

Malware – Blocks Your System Access

Malware attacks can literally damage your computer internally. It is known as the most common method for the cyber thieves. Malicious software like Spyware, Trojan, viruses, worms infects your computer completely. It has the capability of sending emails on your behalf, steal your sensitive data and many more activities that you may not have even imagined.

Once the malware gets access to your system, it will continuously transfer your confidential data to the attacker’s home from your system. Now you understand how difficult it is to deal with malware and the bad news is it is growing day by day… and the World is still unaware of the fact.

Ransomware – Monitoring Your Financial Details

It is also a kind of malware that restricts you to access your computer effortlessly. Right-after clicking on a link, a page will appear where you will be asked to provide your personal details and move forward. Phishing emails with fake links and website pop-ups are the two most common methods to infect your computer completely.

It also encrypts files on the hard drive of your system and other network drivers. Ransomware appears with a page that you cannot access your data unless you pay a certain amount of money to regain your system access.

So When Is This Battle Going To End?

As per the huge number of cyber attacks reported every day, it looks like the cyber battle is never-ending. Everyone is trying to be smarter than the other person, so the competition is an uphill battle that can never be won.