The process of writing an essay is not easy and students go through different challenges when writing college papers. Throughout 2022, students will likely have a lot of academic assignments to handle.

Some will not have an idea on how to choose the best essay topic, while others will have so many activities and to them, time will be the challenge. Students who speak English as a second language might not be able to express themselves in writing. Despite the major essay writing challenges that you will likely face in 2022, there will be a solution for each.

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Where to find information

One strategy you can use for helping kids do homework is to show them where to find information. A student might have the best essay topic to write but if the information sources are wrong, their essay will earn poor marks.

Information sources are a major challenge students face when writing essays and this delays their delivery time because they spend too much time working on limited information. Before you begin to write, list down the places you will get information. It could be blogs, academic literature, textbooks, interviews, and journals.

Essay writing help by professionals

You might be faced with the same challenges in your essay writing process in 2022, just like you did in 2021. There is help anytime you need it, from qualified online essay writers who write quality essays to students pursuing a college education. When you are not sure which topic of choosing or the right style of writing to choose, Studyclerk college essay maker will be the right way to go. It will help make your education journey smooth and your studying time will be less stressful.

The right vocabularies to use

This is a challenge facing both native and non-native English speakers, although it is prevalent among non-native speakers. Each essay type and subject have a certain style of vocabulary it uses.

If it’s an essay for law school, medical school, or engineering school, a student will have to learn the technical and communication language used in that field. They will not only learn it but also know how to correctly apply it in writing. This is a challenge that has been a big issue before and it’s likely to prevail in 2022.

Poor writing structure

Throughout 2021, many students had a problem with writing an attractive essay structure. A student follows the common structure and they write a topic, thesis, instruction, body, conclusion, and references. However, they write the structure poorly and produce a repulsive essay. Unless there is a drastic change, this problem will still be common in 2022.

Every point in the essay structure should be attractive to the reader and it should flow smoothly into the next. If the student doesn’t have a relevant target audience in their mind, their essay structure shall likely be repulsive. It must follow every academic rule like in-text citation, referencing in the right style, and using the right academic language.



A lot of students procrastinated and submitted their essays late in 2021. The major causes of procrastination were due to lack of time or information and there might not be a difference in 2022. Sometimes a student has the right sources but they fail to get ideas from them.

What most of them do is to give up trying or they close their gadgets and postpone writing to another day. When they keep postponing, eventually, time will catch up with them and they will be late for submission or rush through and submit a poor-quality essay.

Fear and lack of confidence

Fear affects confidence negatively and a student might write a poor-quality paper due to fear. This is a huge challenge student must overcome in 2022. Because they know the essay will be part of their final grades, they fear failing.

Unknown to them, what they fear is what they get because their confidence erodes fast, which might lead to stress, mood, and procrastination. If fear is eliminated, confidence builds up again and a student writes a high-quality paper.


Most students fail to write grade A essays because they are scared of various issues. They feel they are inadequate to conduct the right research or get the right information sources. There is a problem where students fail to adhere to academic writing rules such as citation, structure, and language. Fear of failure, procrastination and lack of confidence are some of the major challenges students must overcome in 2022 if they want to write high-quality essays.

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