Organizations must constantly adapt to meet increasing demands while allocating fewer resources to survive in today’s cutthroat business climate. 

A typical day’s work includes juggling many tasks, using various resources, and fitting a lot of work into a short amount of time. Project resource management is a skill that not many businesses have mastered. 

As a result, productivity suffers, employee dissatisfaction rises, and project performance declines. People are a company’s greatest asset. You must therefore master the art of striking the ideal balance between the capacity and demand of this special asset if you want to make sure that your firm takes off. 

Managing several resources manually when businesses hire personnel from different branches, cities, and even nations is no longer feasible. Companies must go beyond spreadsheets when allocating resources. 

You may overcome the difficulties of managing and assigning resources with professional resource management software, which will also help you streamline the procedure and increase its efficiency.

Before we get into a list of software that claims to be the finest resource management solution, let’s first describe resource management in detail. The top resource management software rankings for 2022 will follow.

Resource Management: What Is It?

Obtaining the tools, resources, personnel, and equipment required to carry out a project is the core concept of resource management. Planning, scheduling, allocating and managing those resources to best serve the project are all part of this process.

The cornerstone of resource management, whether the resources come from within or outside the company, is ensuring they are used efficiently. This entails collaborating with suppliers, subcontractors, and your teams, coordinating their efforts, and ensuring that resources are consistently balanced with capacity planning to maintain high production.

Resource management is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of project planning. It can be expensive to use too many resources, and utilizing too few can hinder productivity or impact your project’s timetable and strategy. Either you’ll overpay, or you’ll miss your deadlines. Both options are not recommended. Software for resource management can, fortunately, be helpful.

Just like we have a pay stub generator for payrolls, the top resource management softwares for better resourcing currently on the market are listed below. Your needs for resource management should be met by one of them.

  • Wrike

The prominent virtualization and cloud provider Citrix owns the Wrike tool. Its broad functionality ensures that team leaders and resources remain organized throughout a project.

The software collaborates on numerous projects in a scattered setting and generates visual projects using Gantt charts and Kanban boards.

The software comes with built-in templates that aid in maximizing resource and project productivity in several ways, such as by producing product roadmaps, making incoming projects visible, building efficient communication plans, and segmenting complicated projects into manageable phases, among other things.


  • Automating projects and estimating risks
  • offers complete visibility into final operations
  • Tools created specifically for each team and sector.
  • Robust tools like voice commands and intelligent responses
  • Forecast

Software that has won awards is called Forecast Platform. It has received numerous awards from the top G2 evaluation platform around the globe for best project management, resource management, task management, and a variety of other categories.

It is a full-featured project management tool that aids in ensuring the successful completion of tasks and utilization of all available resources. Its resource management platform can easily accommodate other modules such as project management, team collaboration, time management, business information, and artificial intelligence-based task automation.

One of its distinguishing features is that it is among the fastest go-live software, enabling teams from SMBs to adopt it more quickly and begin delivering. Compared to similar applications in this category, it has a more significant user adoption rate.


  • quicker time tracking of resources based on recommendations from artificial intelligence
  • Gives a real-time account of the capacity and use of all resources.
  • Reduce workload to prevent issues
  • Automatically calculates resource utilization to understand better the ​​time spent on use.

Software for flexible resource planning is available at It facilitates team communication and provides a bird’s eye view of several essential components. This contains ongoing initiatives, resources on hand, and anticipated dates.

They feature a straightforward UI that is simple to utilize. That means you can work as a team immediately and without hassle. Each team member can personalize their experience thanks to the variety of views they give to depict data in real time.

The standard pricing for starts at £7 per user each month when paid yearly.

  • FreshBooks

The services offered by FreshBooks are ideal for managing resources and projects. You may spend more time concentrating on what counts thanks to this clever, controllable program that is simple to use.

When it comes to bookkeeping, business owners of all stripes can benefit from the use of FreshBooks. It’s simple to keep track of your staff and clients when all your financial information—invoices, payments, credits, and other details—is in one place.

You can try to complete projects more quickly with the help of FreshBooks. Maintaining progress with your project team is simple through collaboration.

In addition, they provide several additional features. These consist of project scheduling, project monitoring, documentation, and time monitoring.

A free trial is available for FreshBooks. This implies that before investing any money, you can test it to determine if it works for your company.

  • Runn

Runn is a powerful financial reporting and forecast software that helps with resource, demand, and capacity planning.

The program offers strong forecasting skills and an integrated time monitoring system. You may easily and quickly plan tasks and phases using the system’s drag-and-drop capabilities.

Runn provides a 14-day free trial that doesn’t require a credit card. Then, it’s free for new users up to five, or their basic plan begins at £10 per user each month.


The management of resources is an essential part of operating any firm.

The ability to distribute resources effectively and efficiently to increase productivity and reduce waste can make the difference between a successful and failed firm.

Because of this, employing resource management software like FreshBooks is the ideal answer to your resource management and employee onboarding problems.