Over the course of time, ever since technology made its remarkable footstep, Photography has taken a lead. Now, with the help of technology, photographs can be stored on the system by uploading them. Or you can now simply transfer the pictures taken in a camera, into the system.

When you store them in the system, you can view them later with the help of Microsoft Window’s in-built program. But in the recent light, users have been curious about finding out other programs that can do the same. So, if you are in search of other best image viewer for windows 10, go through the list of top 10 best photo viewerss for windows 10 below!

Top 10 Photo Viewers of 2020 Edition [For Windows]

In this section, you’ll find a list of top best photo viewer windows 10  OS of 2020 Edition of best image viewer windows 10:

1. IrfanView

If you are one of those people who prefer work to be done without having to download a huge program file then you can try using the IrfanView application program. It comes with a size of only 3MB. This application has a pretty simple interface. Because of that, anyone can use it without too much hard work.

Also, it gets the work done. You can view Photos with its Photo Viewing option. In addition to this, you can also use its editing features with which you can edit the picture according to your desire. 

2. FastStone Image Viewer

Here’s another image viewer that you can opt for. Most of the image viewer programs do not give anything additional. However, the FastStone program has more to offer. Not only can you view the image with the help of this program, but you can also edit the images based on your preference. Also, in not just one format but multiple formats. 

3. Imagine

Imagine is another Photo viewer that does the job. The interface is very simple for using and the features are just what a beginner would like to have. You can view images in any format such as PNG, JPEG, and JPG, etc. 

There are other tools that you can have fun with and those are the animation tool and capture tool With the help of these too, you can have fun with the images making them into a slideshow.

4. Picasa

Picasa is a good example of a smart photo viewer. Why? Because it has an algorithm that has the ability to recognize the picture that is stored in the system. Not only can the program detect the pictures but it also makes working with them easier. It arranges them together in timeline mode. 

Other than that, if you are keen on editing the pictures, then Picasa is the one for you. You can edit the pictures with a lot of inbuilt tools such as Gradient, filters as well as textures. 

5. XnView

Here’s an interesting fact about the XnView program. It does not only show the images. But it can do a lot more than that. So if you are a web developer, then you’d be at ease knowing that XnView can help users make slideshows, thumbnails and web pages for web embedded videos.

So if you are looking for all features without any cost then XnView is for you.

6. HoneyView

Another great Photo Viewer is HoneyView. It is a simple application program that lets you view images with a quick response time due to the small size of the program file. The feature it provides is not any different than any other Photo viewer. If you are not that keen on using a high-end program then this application program for you. It is only a specific work-oriented program. 

7. Nomac

Nomac is different than other application programs. It is an application program that has the ability to transport images from one OS to another OS of different configurations. For example, if you have an image stored in the Windows 

Operating system and you want to transfer it to the Mac Os or vice versa, then go for the Nomacapplication. As much as t lets you view and edit images, it carries it for you too. 

Also, if you are a web developer, then you’d be glad to know that Nomac is Open Source. This means you can make modifications to the interface of the application. 

8. Freshview

Many people like using programs that provide a very organized as well as a categorized interface for a better outcome. If you are one of those people then Freshview is for you. 

The interface of the program is very neat and organized making users feel more comfortable and less confused about the settings. Also, Freshview supports up to 86 images as well as video formats.

Additionally, if you’d like to make some animation with the images, then you can use its slideshow feature to do it. 

9. Microsoft Photo

Among so many programs available on the internet just for Photo viewing, you may have not noticed that there is a quality-based program right inside the system. And that is Microsoft Photos. The best thing about having this software is that you don’t have to download it. It is right there.

There are some special features that Microsoft Photo offers and that is adding cool effects to the pictures. Such as Lasers or 3D butterflies, etc. 

If you don’t wish to spend your data on downloading then this application software is the one for you. 

10. File Viewer Plus 3

File Viewer Plus 3 is one of the easiest application software. It can recognize images of all formats. That being said, the image formats it supports are over 300. You can imagine the quality of the program file by this. 

However, File Viewer can open over 50 file formats. Also, if you have RAW pictures on the camera then you can simply copy it to the system and let File Viewer Plus 3 open it for you. This is easy because it supports the EXIF file so you can directly view images from the camera into the PC with the help of File Viewer Plus 3. 


These were the top 10 best Photo Viewer Applications for Windows 10. Now that you can a list, go through them and get started with the one you prefer!