Monetary transactions online are regarded as the future of the money transfer business world. With technological advancements and a rapidly rising number of businesses in this domain, future companies will thrive on online money-sharing systems. In this fast-moving world, the inclination of people towards digital payments cannot be overlooked. Online money transfer apps help in a hassle-free money transfer to anyone and any part of the world in no time. The reason behind the rapid increase in money transfer apps is the mounting usage of smartphones.

Online mobile payment covers everything, including utility bills, immediate fund transfers from mobile wallets, taxes, and international money transfers to family and friends. Paying bills, checking account balance, tracking recent transactions, and blocking fraudulent transactions, such activities are just a click away with the best money transfer apps 2020. People are getting more aware and alert about banking transactions and other monetary activities. Users can easily protect their app with the help of a secure PIN and carry the operations. Among these stylish features, the feature of QR payments is the next big thing. Here’s a list of some of the best money transfer apps 2020 with secure encryption between different Android and iOS devices.

1) GexPay App 

When it comes to a money app with a seamless and secure transfer of funds, GexPay is popular among the best money transfer apps 2020. You can now share and transfer or request funds online to your loved ones staying abroad. It is an affordable payment method in the present day to purchase products online, likely from a vendor in a foreign nation. You can now quickly leave your wallet home and access the money wallet offered by the GexPay app. This app is highly known among its users as it strives to deliver enhanced security. The Crypto Wallet app provides its users with hassle-free online transactions. The app incorporates Artificial intelligence through which you can easily track the operations performance across the program. It provides a complete level of safety and authentication to the users. Some of the features this app has to offer to its users are:

  • Convenience
  • Instant Currency exchange
  • Security
  • Trustworthiness
  • Face to Face payments w/ QR codes
  • Accessibility
  • It is all-pervasive


Most of you are already aware of the Paypal app. The trend of this app is among the highly-used money transfer apps. Paypal app has a broad network of nations that you transfer money to, and it’s safe and secure. However, you get this comfort of security at a price. For debit or credit transfers within the U.S., the app takes nearly a 3% cut of the amount along with a 30 cent fee. Paypal is arguably the best money wallet for sending and receiving money online to various remote areas that you cannot access otherwise. Some of the prominent features of the Paypal app are:

  • Online Invoicing
  • Accept/Pay online
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Barcode Scanning


If you are looking for instant money transfer with truthful and trustworthy customer support, then Azimo is the best choice for you. The app is accessible in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide for the affordable democratization of financial services. The app boasts about its million downloads and 30K crossing 5-star reviews by its valuable users. At Azimo app, your data is privately secured with the features of Face ID and Touch ID. This money wallet app offers customer care support in 8 different languages. Some of the features of Azimo app are:

  • Pay utility bills abroad
  • Instant medical bills
  • Top-up phones worldwide


After Azimo, WorldRemit is another accessible money transfer app used for transacting smaller amounts to people all across the globe. With its extensive directory of qualifying countries, cost-effectiveness, and marvelous ways by which receivers can access their money, the app is highly popular among the best apps for money transfer. The app makes the perfect fit for conducting international transactions between family and friends due to its appealing and user-friendly features. While the WorldRemit app doesn’t have to offer some unique features like that of the GexPay app, its simplicity, and ease of transactions are the reasons it is listed among the best money transfer apps 2020. Some of the features of this app are:

  • Real-time exchange rates
  • Convenient transaction tracking
  • Instant money transfer
  • Zero fees on first three money transfers


Mobikwik is a free digital money wallet app for instant money transfer in India. Available for both Android and Apple users, the Mobikwik app has already gained significant popularity in the world of money wallets. More than 30 million Indians trust the app and its unique features. From making an instant recharge of your phone to available hassle-free loans and payment methods, this app has many benefits to offer to its users. Apart from the other money transfer methods, Mobikwik provides a money transfer facility at lesser interest rates. The MobiKwik wallet avails users with the facility of cash deposit and pickup facility for its customers. Cash pickups facility is available for locations like Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, and Jaipur areas only. The classy features of this app are:

  • Conveniently tracking of pending transactions
  • Secure transfer to other Mobikwik money wallets
  • Instant recharge and pay utility bills
  • Cashless bus rides and other exciting offers

Conclusion: Best Money Transfer Apps 2020

With the benefits as mentioned earlier and uses of the best money transfer apps 2020, the industry of online money wallets is all the rage. Every year, millions and billions of dollars’ transactions take place all across the globe. The mounting number of migrants, exciting offers on money transfer, and the ever-lasting need to send and receive money across the nations have increased multifold in the past few years. Money transfer applications are swiftly escalating, and new ones are making their way into the industry. In such cut-throat competition, matching steps with the rivals are crucial for the businesses.