Internet of Things or famously called IoT devices have come forth as the new way of living. These devices are developed on the principal to expand the reach of the internet and are integrated with the highest levels of technology known to us, as of now. This way, the IoT devices can communicate, operate, and be controlled through the internet. In 2019, the total population of the world was calculated to be 7.62 billion; however, it is estimated that by the end of the present year, 2021, there would be 20 billion IoT devices. The increased demand for 5G technology is one of the fine reasons for this progression of technology.

The more we study about the Internet of Things, the more fascinated we become. We had only used the internet for work, learning, and development, socializing, and entertainment but with the internet of things device, we are able to connect with the machines and to control them for our benefit which is the idea of a better life. The integral part to understand is that without the internet, these devices cannot function. Therefore, if you are interested to be part of the world that is moving forward, you need to have a reliable and seamless internet connection at hand, the one that supplies high bandwidth to cater to all your smart devices and is consistent. We have found an internet connection as described, and in addition to being consistent and reliable, it also offers internet speed as high as 940 Mbps and has no data cap restrictions or cancellation charges, we recommend you check it out here at

This article focuses on the best Internet of Things devices you should invest in, to make your smart home even smarter.

August Smart Lock

You might find a lot of smart locks but this one has proven to be the most secure and reliable, time and again. The user can manage and control the doors from anywhere and at any time.

This smart device lets the user be aware of all the people coming and going into the house. When using it, there is no fear of your key getting lost or stolen, it also offers unlimited digital keys for your benefit. It automatically opens when the primary user is near the door and is compatible with almost all single cylinder deadbolts.

Price: 220 USD

Where can I buy it?, eBay

August Doorbell Cam

August Doorbell Cam is one fine smart home device that lets you answer your door from just anywhere. It can be paired up with the August Smart Locks to allow your guests to enter through your command. It has motion sensors and can detect the slightest of motion on your doorstep. This doorbell cam also provides you with a free 24-hour audio-video recording. The best part is its hassle-free, speedy, and easy installation. It is also compatible with Alexa.

Price: 199 USD

Where can I buy it?, eBay

Kuri Mobile Robot

Kuri is one of a kind robot. Its main purpose is to entertain its users. Kuri can interact with its users and can capture things around the home every day. It is equipped with an HD camera, microphones, and touch sensors. It has an in-built speaker and has a light for a heart which makes it adorable for families.

Price: 700 USD

Where can I buy it?

Google Home Voice Controller

This smart home device has a smart body and equips you to control a lot of aspects of your home like alarms, media, lights, volume control, thermostats through voice commands.

This device makes it easy for you to control and manage your alarms and timers. It is kids friendly and gives you the power to control your smart home’s TV and speakers, from anywhere. You can manage your home’s lights and TV’s volume while also letting you plan your entire day by getting tasks completed automatically.

Price: 130 USD

Where can I buy it? eBay,, Verizon, Google Store, Google Express.

Nest Smoke Alarm

Nest Smoke Alarm is one that can think and speak. It notifies you in case of any home emergencies and can test itself automatically. You can control the alarm settings through your smartphone. Its installation is rather convenient and apart from your smartphone, no additional hardware is required.

Price: 119 USD

Where can I buy it?, Google Store

Philips Hue Bulbs

Philips has a wide product list in this class, including floodlights, light strips, fixtures, A19 bulbs, and has added a whole exhibit of outdoor lights recently. This immense assortment of lights makes it simpler to get the entire lighting framework to your home. Another main consideration is that Philips is compatible with Google, Apple, and Amazon’s voice aides.

Despite the fact that the Philips Hue line has bulbs in a lot of shades, the majority of people are keen on the standard white lights. You can control light dimmer and can also schedule lights from anywhere. These bulbs can be synced with movies and music.

Price: 30 USD – 100 USD

Where can I buy it?

Footbot Air Quality Monitor

Footbot is an immensely helpful smart device. It can measure pollution rates, indoor, and advises on how to improve the air quality of our homes, offices, and indoor public places. It can keep the air clean and can keep the temperature and humidity rates in check. It is built on the principle to increase the natural life of its users.

Price: 199 USD

Where can I buy it? Amazon

Google Nest Mini

Google’s new Nest mini is an improved variant of its archetype, the Google Home Mini. Google has upgraded the sound quality of the Nest Mini by giving it’s bass more oomph. A presence recognition strategy has likewise been joined that decides your vicinity to the Nest Mini through the receiver and speaker and controls volume normally.

Probably the best component of this savvy speaker is the AI chip fixed inside the speaker that permits the Nest Mini to become familiar with the orders users give frequently.

Price: 49.99 USD

Where can I buy it? Google Store