As you know, Roku is known to be one of the most popular as well as a free channel for watching videos. However, to be more precise, Roku free channels have two specific divisions; Public & Private. If you wish to create a private channel, then you’d have to keep in mind to use the online portal for Roku. Also, provided with a unique code for it. 

If you want to use the public best free Roku channels then you can get it on Channel Store. Read more below to find out about free Roku channels

Top Roku Channels To Watch

So, “what channels are free on Roku”? Here are some of the most used free channels on Roku that you can try using to watch:

1. The Roku Channel

As the name itself suggest, the Roku Channel is one of the most-used channels that allow you without having to pay a dime. You can watch any Hollywood movies you want to. The categories of the movies are divided into sections so that it becomes easier for you to find. 

Here’s another advantage of using a Roku channel. You do not need to make an account to be able to watch any content. However, there is one drawback that you might face while watching a video on this channel. Yes, you may have guessed it right. Ads. 

2. Stirr

Stirr on the other hand is another channel that is a bit different yet, satisfies all the requirements for each and every kind of user. Using the Stirr channel, you can watch pretty much anything, such as live local news, live sports, Tv series, and movies. 

Like other channels also, Stirr does not cost you a dime or requires you to make an account. You can simply refer to this channel if you want to watch everything happening around the world. 

3. FilmRise

Here’s another channel that you can try watching content from. FilmRise consists of more than 10, 000 videos of movies that are free. As many movies you get on this channel, you won’t find it any other channel of Roku. 

You’d also find some B-class movies on this channel without having to pay or make an account. All you need to do is just get the channel, install it and get it started.  

4. Pluto TV

Here’s a brief introduction to what Pluto TV is. Well, Pluto TV is in association with NBC News, Sky News as well as MSNBC. Why? So that you get the ease of access to what is happening all around the globe. You can get all the news about current affairs, current news, foreign exchange news, and whatnot. 

Pluto TV also offers some channels that you can consider watching. Such as Funny AF, All-Day Anime, etc. Here’s another interesting feature that Pluto TV offers. You can enjoy the attributes of a library of 1000 videos only upon demand. 

5. Tubi 

You may have heard of Tubi as it is a popular channel of Roku. Just like any other channel, it offers you the same. You won’t have to spend any money on watching whatever you want. 

Tubi is well organized and categorized in terms of the user interface. Categories include genres, suitable for age, shows, and series. You’d also be delighted to know that Tubi is an award-winning channel providing the largest amount of content. 


Want to watch Live content? Then Xumo is what you’re looking for. Xumo is a channel that offers you worth 100 channels to watch from. Here’s what you can get from Xumo:

Breaking News, Standup-Comedy, Sports, New-released movies. You can download the Xumo channel without any cost and also without having to make any account for it. 

7. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another channel to make use of. The channel does not stream copyright material but streams original content. Using Popcornflix, you’d b able to watch movies of full-length without any buffering. 

Even though popcornflix has categorized content in the channel, you might see some special additional categories if it is a seasonal holiday. 

8. Fawsome TV

Free as well as awesome TV is known as Fawsome that brings you over 10,000 video content to watch. The channel has categorized the contents into approximately 25 genres such as Horror, Comedy, Action, etc. 

The channel does not demand you to pay a subscription fee to ask you to make an account. The contents in the channel get updated every day. Hence, you can simply install the channel and get started right away. 

9. Reuters TV

This streaming channel is not like other streaming channels. Reuter TV does not allow streaming for 24 hours every day. However, you’d be able to watch videos if there is any news. The reason why Reuters TV is like this is that it gives the experience of customized news. 

Based on what you search for or watch, this channel work son snippets and your interests as well. 

10. NewsON

Let’s say that you are not interested in what is happening around the world. But you’d like to know what is happening in local regions. In that case, the NewsOn channel is advisable to use. The channel streams news that is locally based on your region. 

You can also watch any missed news but they only last for 48 hours so make sure you don’t skip any. 

11. Hasbro Studios

Now, let’s say that you have kids around you in the house and you’d like them to watch something fun and exciting. In that case, try using the Hasbro Studios channel as you can get content for kids from this channel. 

There are many categories for kids to watch, such as cartoons, educational videos, etc. You can still down and watch them with your family around you. Again, you don’t have to pay for it or make an account to watch the contents. Simply download the channel and install it. Then get it started with!


So here were some channels that you can use to watch movies and other content. Go through them and start watching today!