Any computer system is not fully functional without a driver. Any driver, if not updated, or is corrupted, then the system fails to work properly. This is why it is always important as well as advisable to keep them up to date. To know more about what triggers the driver to malfunction and the list of best driver updater for windows 10, go through the rest of the contents below!

Signs that System’s Driver has Damaged/Out Of Date! Check the List Before you Choose

Here are the signs that you should watch for. If you see any of these signs, that’d be a call for you update the drivers immediately:

  • The first and foremost sign is screen display is distorted. 
  • Another thing that will let you know that the driver is damaged is when you face lag while watching any video. 
  • And the last thing is if you see that printer is not being recognized by the system. 

Now that you have an idea about the signs, go through the next section to find out which driver updater is best for you!

Best Driver Update Software: Free to Use

Among the list of best driver update software mentioned below, pick one of the best driver updaters for windows 10 that matches your system specification!

1. Smart Driver Care

Coming in the first position, Smart Driver Care is known to be one of the best software for updating drivers. The interface is neat and well organized. Smart Driver Care does not only perform the driver updating function but also makes sure the system performance enhances.

It scans for the corrupted drivers in the system. Upon finding, it automatically fixes them.  Alongside, Smart Driver care goes through the registry looking for corrupted registry files as well. If found, it resolves them too. 

Also, it protects the operating system from malicious files being entered whenever you browse the internet. And lastly, it makes sure that all the drivers are backed up. So that you can restore them back to how it was if there is anything wrong. 

2. WinZip Driver Updater

WinZip, ranking second in the list has been known for enhancing the performance of the system, as well as updating the drivers of the system. The application makes sure that the performance remains fast and smooth. 

Not only does it update the drivers, but it also prevents the system from getting an impact of it crashes unknowingly out of the blue. Also, it looks for the driver that is the best for the system. 

So here’s what you’ll get if you choose this application:

  1. The scan is effective and fast.
  2. You’d get a backup manager to back up data within the system. This is made available so that you can restore the system if anything takes a wrong turn. 
  3. Works well with the updated operating system and updated devices.

3. Advanced Driver Updater

Known as one of the best driver update software, is Advanced Driver Updater. The software is in fact quite ideal because you will be getting just more than one facility. Once you install Advanced Driver Updater, the following things will happen:

  1. It will do an automatic scan and check which driver is damaged or out of date. 
  2. Advanced Driver Updater has no issues with compatibility as it supports more than a hundred drivers. 
  3. Using a single click, you can repair the drivers that are either out of date or corrupted. 
  4. It is compatible with Windows operating system.

Advanced Driver Updater supports more than one language such as German, French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese. 

4. Driver Booster

Another best driver update software would be Driver Booster. The updater is free of cost. All you have to do is perform a manual scan whenever you open the application. But, if you choose to take the paid version of Driver Booster, then you would not have to worry. It will perform a scan automatically.

Driver Booster is flexible as it can support many devices and drivers.

5. Smart Driver Updater

In terms of compatibility, a smart driver update is known as the best for it. Smart Driver Updater has an extensive amount of space in the database which is nearly 12 million. Among this space, it covers devices, peripherals and more.

The first time you open the application,  it will scan the system for free. Based on that you can decide what you want to do with it. When you opt for the driver updating option, the scan will show you a list of which drivers need to be fixed. Also, it gives you the chance to back up the data in the system so that you can restore them if you‘d like.

If you opt for the paid or the pro version, then you’ll be getting additional benefits. Such as enhancing the performance of the system, optimizing it, monitoring the system and more. 

6. Driver Reviver

Another great updater would be Driver Reviver. It is built in such a way that it is best for both personal as well as commercial use. Here are the following things that Driver Reviver can update for the system:

Video Cards, MFP Devices, Laptops, Monitors, Audio Cards, Bluetooth and more. If your system has become slow in performance then Driver Reviver would be a good choice to consider. This is because it has similar functions and features in comparison to WinZip Driver Updater. 

Once you start using the application, you’ll notice a change in the system. It will start to perform better and respond faster. The scan shows the list of drivers that require an update.

Also, Driver Reviver is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system so you won’t have any difficulty even if you have an older version of the system. 

7. Driver Easy

Driver Easy is a popular one. Be it for professional use or first-time use, Driver Easy manages to update drivers that require an update, without any issue. As the application is not big in size, it does the work relatively fast.

In addition to that, it also enhances system performance and gaming experience. Driver Easy has an option where you are allowed to set a date for the scan. When the day arrives, Driver Easy will do the scheduled scan. That too, offline as well.

Driver Easy does not require an external browse to download drivers. It also shows the information on whichever device, hardware requires to be updated. If you get the paid version, then you’d have a money-back policy for 30 days. In any case, you do not like what Driver Easy offers, or if Driver Easy does not meet the expectation, then you’d get your money back. 

8. DriverMax

In comparison with other driver updaters, DriverMax is something that you wouldn’t want to miss. It does not need your approval to install the required updates. It will do it automatically when it detects that the drivers need an update.

 It is compatible with Windows operating system. And all of this will not require you to pay a dime. Also, you can set a time period to scan for updates. DriverMax will scan on the scheduled day and time. Also, there is no fear of losing any data because DriverMax will back it up for you right before it starts updating. 

9. Avast Driver Updater

A light-weighted software called Avast Driver Updater is also worth the try. The interface of the software is not that appealing. However, the controls and functions are rather simple and neat.

When you install the software, you’ll find a green button called “Start Scan”. Click on that and the scan will start. It will look for drivers that are missing, damaged or not updated. Once found, it will automatically update them to their latest versions.

However, the application does not come fully free. This implies that the application will let you scan for the required updates but you will not be able to update them. If you want to, then you’d have to get the paid version worth $49.99 as an annual subscription. 

10. Snappy Driver Installer

Last but not the least, is the Snappy Driver Installer. This driver updater is capable of updating more than one driver simultaneously. If the drivers are critically sustaining, such as corrupted parts, broken or missing, then Snappy Driver Installer will detect it on one go.

Once it figures out what is wrong with the driver, it will download the things that require the driver to get fixed. It is compatible with all the operating system versions of Windows starting from XP. 


Now that you have gone through the list of best driver updater for windows 10, pick the one which is the best driver update software for your system and get started immediately!