You may have heard that if the PC becomes overheated, it is not a good sign. Along with that, you’ll notice that the system performance degrades as well. The system becomes very slow and takes long to respond to functions. Overheating of the system is not good and can cause permanent damage to the system in the long run. Additionally, the system will also end up crashing unexpectedly at one point. 

This is why CPU temperature monitors exist so that you can track which devices are triggering too much heat. And not just that, once you know, you can fix it too. So, to find out which best CPU temp monitor are available, go through the list below on the best pc temp monitor!

The Top CPU Temperature Monitors(best CPU temp monitor) To Keep The CPU From Overheating!

Here’s a list of top best CPU monitoring software for the best CPU temp monitor that can be of great use if your CPU is overheating:

1. Atera

Atera is known to be of great use for MSPs (Managed Service Providers). It is a network administrator that has the ability to access more than one system simultaneously. 

It has a package that is known as Remote Monitoring & Management which has functions & tools that one needs to access a system. So how does it work?

Well, the process of monitoring starts when an agent program is installed on the server. The same agent program reports back with its analysis to the main processor Atera. In the reports are the memory of the CPU, space available in the disk, the speed of the fan and the last, it’s temperature. The data is then represented on the Atera system in its live dashboard section. 

The software comes with a price. But however, you can use its trial period for 30 days. Once that is done, you can consider purchasing it to get access to its full features. 

2. ManageEngine OpManager

Another great example of a CPU temperature monitor is ManageEngine OpManager. It has the option to check the temperature of the CPU, the speed of the fan and how much memory is being utilized. 

Once you find out what’s causing the CPU to overheat, you can dial down the disk usage and some other metrics. Another great feature of this software is that you’d get notified when it detects overheating through its temperature measurement algorithm. Its a paid software but however, you can use the trial version for a period of time. 

3. CoreTemp

CoreTemp is another software among the list that has the ability to monitor processors. The interface of the software program is appealing as well. It also gives you the option to add plug-ins to it to enhance the performance of it.

One such example would be CoreTemp Grapher. Once the data for the monitoring session is done, it will show a representation of it on the screen graphically to give you a clear image of everything. The application program is available for all the Windows versions as well as Android versions. 

The application is free software that you can download from the internet. All you need to do is make sure you are downloading it from a trusted website to avoid getting malware or virus. 

4. SpeedFan

As you can tell, SpeedFan is a CPU temperature monitor that can detect the speed of the CPU, as well as the temperature of it. Additionally, if the program detects system lag, or overheating, you can alter the speed of the CPU fan accordingly. You can increase as well as decrease it based on system requirements.

The interface of the application is simple for anyone to use. To get a graphical representation of the data that is analyzed, go to the option called “Charts”. In there, you can choose an option called “Display Performance Charts”. Using that, you can choose which metrics you’d like to see. 

SpeedFan is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista and more. You can get this software free of cost. 

5. AIDA64 Extreme

Another great program that is known to monitor the CPU of a system, is AIDA64 Extreme. It analyses the temperature of the CPU, how much voltage and power it has been using and the speed of the fan. 

It has no issues with compatibility with IT assets. This is because the program has more than 250 types of sensors. The user interface of the program is neat and simple There is an option called “SensorPanel” using which you can make a customized panel. You can use this to analyze the temperature of the data, along with some other information in a customized order. 

AIDA64 can be used both in Windows 32 bit version as well as a 64-bit version. The software program is, however, not free as it comes with a price. To get the most out of it, you’d have to purchase the application. But you can still use its contents on a trial period of 30 days. 

6. Rainmeter

Rainmeter, ranking at 6, has the same ability as other software programs to check the temperature of the CPU. However, it is an open-source platform that can check the data of the CPU temperature, how much RAM and disk are in use. 

Using a tool called Skin, you can create a panel for customized monitoring sessions. Rainmeter is meant for everyone and not just any technical user. The functions are easy and organized. 

It has no compatibility issues. It can work with the Windows 7 operating system range to Windows 10 operating system. Lastly, it is free for anyone to use hence you can download and get it started with. 


HWiNFO is another software that you can consider using. The following thing is analyzed by the software. CPU, GPU, the mainboard as well as the drivers of the system. 

The infrastructure hierarchy of the application makes it easier for any user to explore the interface of the application. You can also customize alert notification to not miss track fo any signs of overheating. 

To enhance the performance calculation of the system. You can use the option called “Add-on” to add plugins to the application. The application does not cost a dime hence you can download it from any trusted website and start using it. 

8. Speccy

Speccy, a real-time system that analyses the temperature of the CPU, can also not be missed from the list. Using Speccy, you can generate reports of the CPU performance. Once the application program is done by taking all the required measurements of calculating the CPU performance, you’ll get a customized report of it. The software is free of cost and is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit Windows operating system. 


Now that you a detailed list of all the best CPU temp monitors, choose according to your convenience and get started!