There are many connectivity plans that various internet service providers are offering their consumers. Choosing a perfect one has become entirely difficult as there weren’t this many options available in the past. Some plans only include internet or cable TV offers while others are offering bundle solutions as a complete package.

It has become quite confusing, as we never get to know about hidden costs in the fine print. We all want to save up on costs and choose the best offer out there. ISPs are trying to come up with wider coverage, faster speeds, more channels with the new focus on HD 4K television, and seamless streaming with glitch-free bandwidth.

How to choose from this huge array of unlimited options and possibilities is the question we all end up asking ourselves. To make this quest a little easier, here is a comprehensive list of plans and deals, which will help anyone along with their search for the absolute deal of 2021.

Cell phone plans for the coming year

It is all about 5G. Every carrier is trying to offer the widespread availability that will ensure lightning-fast speeds without compromising the coverage. The 5G network does not cover all parts of the U.S, but all the major carriers are trying to extend its reach throughout the nation.

We have discovered that:

  • T-Mobile is offering the widest coverage across the nation, i.e. 30.2%
  • Verizon takes the second place, offering 10% coverage in the U.S
  • While AT&T offering very limited low-band coverage of 6%

Verizon stands first on the list of best cell phone plans for the year 2021. T-Mobile comes second then come Visible, Mint Mobile, and the list goes on.

Let us look at their best plans individually to help you decide which one will be better suited to you.

Verizon’s Play More unlimited earns our nod as the best-unlimited cell phone plan this month for its combination of great features, extra perks, and fantastic cell phone coverage.

Verizon Play More Unlimited

  • As the name suggests, it offers unlimited data.
  • If you tend to use a mobile hotspot, Verizon offers dedicated 15GBs of mobile data just for that.
  • International calling
  • Unlimited nationwide minutes and messages.
  • $80 per month + $20 Upfront

Visible $40 Unlimited Plan

  • Unlimited data
  • No limit on mobile hotspot data
  • Unlimited talk time and texts
  • Prepaid option, also available for $40 a month


T-Mobile Magenta Family Plan

  • 4 lines with 3GB of 4G data for mobile hotspot per line
  • Unlimited calling from and to the USA, Canada, and Mexico
  • Costs $140 per month + $40 Upfront
  • 1-hour free unlimited texting while inflight

Tello Economy Plan

  • Unlimited talk time and texting
  • Costs $10 per month with 50% in the first month
  • 1GB data
  • Free calls to Canada, Mexico, and China

Mint Mobile 3 Month Plan

  • Unlimited calls and texts, to both Canada and Mexico
  • Costs $20 per month
  • Offers 8GB of high-speed data
  • Offer is for their new customers. Existing customers can look into their package details for more info.

Now let us consider a few cable TV plans and packages for 2021.


  • Great price and no-contract option
  • Offering Extra at $49.99, Preferred Plus at $59.99, Digital Starter at $70.99, and Digital Preferred costing $89.49.
  • Just add $10 a month to opt for their no-contract plan.
  • You can easy add-ons as per requirement while checking out.
  • There are some extra fees but a nice DVR is included in the TV package.


  • Cox offers customization of channels to its consumers. This means you get to choose from a list of channels and shows and pay for what you want.
  • It also offers a DVR, which will cost $19.99 a month, but it has more storage space and can record 6 shows at once.
  • Offers TV Starter at $25 and Contour TV at $69.99 a month. The second is a little expensive but Cox may be the only available option in your area.
  • It works with a 2-year contract.


  • Spectrum by Charter Communication is by far the best no-contract cable TV provider. That means you can switch to a new connection whenever you want without risking cancellation fees.
  • Offering Spectrum TV® Select at $44.99, Spectrum TV® Silver at $74.99, and Spectrum TV Gold at $94.99 per month.
  • In case you’re worried about costs, Spectrum offers a price that can suit every wallet. Check Charter spectrum internet tv for the details of the above packages.
  • The equipment that Spectrum provides may vary from location to location.


  • Limited availability as compared to all cable TV providers.
  • Again a no-contract provider with value for money.
  • Offering Optimum Core TV at $64.95, Optimum Select TV at $74.95, and Optimum Premier TV at $104.95 per month.
  • Optimum offers its customers with simultaneous recording of 15 shows at the same time. This means an end to family rifts and struggles about who gets to watch what and at what time exactly. No one stands to miss his or her special show or a new episode.
  • The DVR can support 75 hours of storage, which is enough for everyday watching.
  • Since they are located in New York, they offer exclusive channels to the residents of NYC.
  • The sad reality is that Optimum is only available in 4 states. If you’re a huge sports fan then you’re cutting a sorry figure if you don’t live in one of those states.
  • Expect to get surprised by extra fees, which is a downside. However, most cable TV providers do that and so it isn’t that big a deal anymore. We know it hurts but let’s face it, that’s how providers are handling the bills these days.

These plans and deals were the best that we could think of. You can check their individual websites or visit their stores to look at more packages that these companies are offering. We hope we made it a little easier for you to analyse what’s available in the market.