If you’re here then it is needless to say that you’re an otaku (Die-hard fan of anime). And it goes without saying that the anime world is an entirely different universe of perspectives. That being said, you must have seen most of the anime series. But here’s a question that is the most difficult to answer for an Otaku. And that is the list of top best anime series you ever watched. 

And the problem is, with every new top anime coming up, it gets hard to keep the favorite ones on the list. However, there some masterpiece series that can never be forgotten! So “what anime should I watch”? Find out below the best anime of all time!

List of Top Anime Series So Far!

Here’s a list of the great legendary and best anime series so far. Go through them, they’ll surely bring out some good old memories!

1. Death Note

Death Note is a series that breaks the stereotype of having the lead roles being the good guy. In fact, the lead protagonist had notions of a bad guy in the end. The series is as dark as you would not imagine. One of the reasons why Death Note is a stand out anime series is the way the plot has been developed through perspective changes.

The series is about the God of death, known as Shinigami, having the power to wipe away humans. However to summon the God of death, one needs to get a hold of the diary called “Death Note” and own it. Only then can the person summons Shinigami to kill someone as long as he’s written the victim’s name and has seen his face.

The protagonist, Light Yagami gets to hold the diary and the tale begins with his notion to make the world better. As much as it starts off in a good note, it starts to become dark and even darker in the end. To know his fate, you’d have to watch it till the end. It only consists of 37 episodes but that is enough to keep you up for the next few days after watching. 

2. Attack On Titan 

Attack On Titan is the best action anime that has ever been out. The anime theme is based on revolution. The name of the series itself is suggestive. Titans are huge humanoids ruling the planet earth and bringing destruction everywhere. Among them, surviving in a protective village, are the normal average-sized humans. 

The tale begins as one village gets attacked by vicious humanoids. It’s then when they decide to bring revolution and get them off from earth forever. The main characters join the army to train themselves every day to attack the titans.

The whole series is considered to be the longest series in the anime world with each season having only 25 episodes. Also, it has a manga that is award-winning. If you’d like a dose of endorphins and adrenaline in your brain then this is the one for you. Surely with the number of episodes, you’d be hooked on it for quite some time!

3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Many people have this notion, that anime is only for kids and children. But in fact, that is not true. Anime is for everyone. If you are in the adult phase then you can start with Fullmetal Alchemist. The series portrays emotions very vividly. You may likely to shed a few tears every now and then. 

The story begins with letting us know that one alchemy performance for fun, done by two brothers cost them tragedy. Losing their mother and becoming disfigured, the brothers set sail to train in alchemy to revive their body parts and their mother. 

Here’s where the plot makes us wonder. With their father knowing Alchemy and being completely out of the picture, we get clues that the government has some link with their father. To know more, you’d have to go through a trial of emotions and plot twists watching 65 episodes.

4.  Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is a world-famous anime that makes one stop and wonder about it. Released long years ago, from the year 2007 to 2017 there are about 500 episodes that aired. 

The story begins with Naruto, being the lead character, who’s perky as well as curious. His aim is to become the strongest and capable ninja in his village. To become the greatest, or to become Hokage, he goes through intense training sessions. Here comes the obstacle. 

Akatsu organizations an organizations for elite ninjas. As they look forward to ruling over the common people of all the villages, Naruto steps in. he goes through a turmoil of intense battles, pushes himself through the pain. In the meantime, he also gets to know people and how their perspectives work. 

Naruto Shippuden is a big series having a bunch of emotions. It goes without saying that by the end of the emotional rollercoaster series, you’d be in awe for a few days. 

5. Dragon Ball Z

Here’s another most popular series and that is Dragon Ball Z. The Dragon Ball series comes from the adaptation of the first one which is Dragon Ball. 

The story is about Goku, the lead character, having to know from his lost brother, that he is supposed to be a warrior. He gets to know that he belonged to a different planet where its race got extinct. He also finds out that due to a head injury, he lost memories of the past. But he was sent to earth for destruction. 

It’s then when everything changes as he realizes he may have abilities hidden inside of him. 

6. Bleach

Another lengthy anime would be Bleach which started airing in the year 2004 till the year 2012 having 366 episodes in total.

The story of Bleach starts with Kurosaki Ichigo, being a high school student who could see ghosts. Due to an accident caused by Rukia, a Soul Reaper, earlier, he got engulfed with the ability to see them. 

The story sets as he continues to become a Soul Reaper and captures the ones he could and save lives. However, it is definitely a good anime series to start with. It was directed by Noriyuki Abe. 

7. Code Geass

Code Geass is a story of how the Empire of Britain took over the Japanese Empire. It begins with the lead character, a protagonist named Lelouch Lamperouge being born in the Britain Empire.

Soon after the death of his mother, he gives up the position of the throne and promises to take vengeance from his father. Typical history book story right? Yes. But only better with many plot twists.

Code Geass grew more than what the creators, all the female manga artists of the group called “Clamp” had expected. It also relieved many awards and novels. 

8. Hunter X Hunter 

You may have heard of this one. It is not a long series but definitely one of the great series having worth 148 episodes. Hunter X Hunter is a very old series that came out in the year of 1999.

Gon Freecss, a young adult, comes to find out that his father, who happened to be dead, is in fact not dead. In addition to that, he also gets to know, his father is an elite Hunter who goes by the name Ging. Naturally, he begins his journey to discover the truth about his father. 

As he embarks on the journey, he gets to witness things that he would have never imagined. Hunter X Hunter is a great story. You can definitely try watching it. 

9. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul, an adaptation of the original series, is considered to be less exciting than the manga. The reason why fans have considered it to be less exciting because the whole story has been rushed and composed in 12 episodes only.

The original manga made by Sui Ishida has more depth which seems to be not covered in the series. However, the show is dark and gore with many emotional twists. The story starts with the lead character, Ken Kaneki befriending Rize Kamishiro. The next thing we know that he’s already been pulled to the dark side of the ghouls.

Ken Kaneki, then continues to get the best of both worlds as he starts adapting. If you like dark and gore materials then Tokyo Ghoul is what you should start watching immediately. 

10. Inuyasha

Lastly, InuYasha, cannot be missed. The story of a girl, Kagome Higurashi who was taken on her 15th birthday by a curse, starts living 500 years back. And not only that, but she continues to grant wishes with the help of a jewel that she carries along with her. This is what the demon is looking for.

Kagome also meets another teen along the journey and the story continues as they begin making allies to bring unity in attacking the demon. Inuyasha consists of 167 episodes that was run for approximately 4 years.

The story is filled with adventures with weird turns coming up every once in a while. If you start watching you would get up until you finish it.