As you know, Avast is an antivirus that is known to protect the system from potential viruses and malware. However, Avast’s functions are not just limited to security. In fact, Avast has to offer more than that. For example, Avast Cleanup Premium was developed using Avast as well as AVG. To find out more on Avast cleanup premium review, read the contents below!

Brief Introduction to Avast Cleanup 

Avast Cleanup is not free software. To avail of the software, you’d have to pay $60 each year but the question is whether the Avast cleanup review is worth the money or not. However, before getting into that, you must be aware that Avast Cleanup is a program that optimizes the system by making it run at a good speed. 

What it does, is make space in the disk and resolve underlying software bugs within the system. Here’s what Avast Cleanup has to offer:

  • It gets rid of all the junk files from the system. 
  • Avast Cleanup can fix any redundant application. 
  • It also resolves issues with System Settings and missing files from the registry. 

Avast Cleanup also has the ability to track devices and fix issues that are related to the driver. In addition to that, Avast Cleanup has a very nice and simple interface which makes it easier for anyone to use the software. 

Features of Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup does the following things:

Scan for Maintenance

The maintenance scan in Avast Cleanup has a focus area on the list of daily tasks that users should do. This is mainly to keep up the health of the operating system. As much as it does not affect the speed of the system, this scan s still useful. It lets you flush out junk from the system as well as clear the data of browsing history. 

Scan for Speed Up 

This scanning process deals with detecting programs that are unwanted and running in the background. Avast Cleanup works with a combination or a pattern of blacklists based on user ratings and heuristics. This is done so that Avast can tell if a program is unwanted or unnecessary for the PC. 

However, according to reports, it is not advisable to keep Avast Cleanup in the background to sleep. 

Scan for Space Free Up

Another scanning technique that Avast Cleanup follows is the free-up space scan. This scan flushes out the junk files from the system. These files are from recycle bin, setup files or temp files or even any other Window file. 

This is an efficient way to get rid of unwanted files from the system and not only does this free up space on the system but it also increases the speed of the system. For this option to be available for the system, you can use the free version also. 

Scan for Problem Fixing

This mechanism of scanning deals with looking for errors related to disk, Settings of Windows and drivers that may have an impact on the system. This feature of Avast Cleanup is extremely helpful as Windows tend to have issues related to dark disk and drivers. 

This scan will analyze and evaluate the problem within the system and upon finding it, it will resolve it on its own. 

Dashboard/Action Center

This section in Avast Cleanup gives you information about the state the system is in. Based on this information, you will be given tips and insights. These tips and insight will help the enhancement of the increased run-time speed of the system. The main goal of this function is to help you optimize the system. 

Rescue Center of Avast Cleanup

The Rescue Center of Avast Cleanup is a center that lets you undo or fix the following things of the system:

  1. With the help of the Rescue Center, you can fix broken registry items
  2. You can fix shortcuts that are broken. 
  3. Startup programs can be disabled. 
  4. Background applications can be put to sleep. 
  5. You can even uninstall programs that are unwanted or unnecessary. 


Avast Cleanup lets you get notifications for the following things:

  1. If items in the registry or shortcut files are broken.
  2. Avast Cleanup will always give notifications as a reminder to do the maintenance scan when it is necessary. 
  3. When there is no space in the disk or when it is too low. 
  4. If there is a problem within the operating system. 

However, you always have the option to get notifications for whatever you want. You can customize it your way.

Statistics in Avast Cleanup 

Another feature of Avast Cleanup is the “Statistics”. This feature in the software gives you a record of how many attempts you’ve made to clean the system and how much space you’ve made by cleaning up. 

Is Avast Cleanup Worth the Cost?

The question, “is Avast cleanup premium worth it?” still remains that whether the feature of Avast cleanup is worth it or not. This notion completely depends on the user to user. If you have not kept the system maintained in years then Avast Cleanup might be the best bet for you. 

On the other hand, if you regularly clean up the system and resolve issues within the system, then you getting Avast Cleanup may not be necessary. But it still does all the hard work for you. 

So, if you have issues with the driver that you don’t know how to fix, Avast Cleanup will do it for you. Also, if you do not space and can’t decide which files are unnecessary, then also Avast Cleanup will be a helping hand for you. 

In Addition to this, your system will be looked after by Avast Cleanup. And, the system will have a boost in performance. 

is Avast cleanup worth it or not, is up to users based on how well they maintain the system. If a user can do all the following tasks that Avast Cleanup does, then you can quit considering getting the software. 

How Safe is Avast Cleanup?

Avast Cleanup is known to be safe. The software will not let any virus file or malicious application be installed. All 4 elements of scanning do a pretty good harmless job in keeping the system efficiently working. 

Cost of Avast Cleanup

As the software is not free, you’d have to buy the product based on yearly value. Such as, for a course of 1 year, you’d have to pay $49.00. For the course of 2 years, the cost of the product is $89.00. And, for the course of 3 years, the price of the product would be $129.00. 


So “does Avast cleanup work?” Avast Cleanup does all the work that users can do manually using Windows. However, added benefits are always beneficial. Keeping that in mind, Avast Cleanup is helpful software.