The audio renderer error YouTube is one of the worst problems you can face while playing a video. Many people have reported this issue and it’s more common than you may think. Wondering what is the cause of this problem? There could be more than one explanation for this. 

Now, you might be at an inconvenience to find what’s causing the issue and then fix it. Are you looking for simpler ways to get through this problem — Audio Renderer error YouTube? Keep reading to learn some fairly easy methods for doing that.

Solutions for the Audio Renderer Error YouTube

Since this is a seemingly complicated issue, you might be confused about where to start. In that case, the methods given here might prove to be very helpful. You need to try all of them before you move on to other solutions or professional help.

  • Device Restart

The first thing that the system tells you is to restart the device, and it probably says that for a reason. Therefore, that’s what you must proceed with. This might solve the issue that was causing the error and may sound as it was earlier. However, you must not think this solution would be long-lasting. It wasn’t found to be so in a lot of cases. 

After all, this doesn’t completely get rid of the issue that caused the error. Therefore, it is only good for the short term. You might start facing the same error after a certain period. That’s why your search for a solution is never over, even if this method works in your case, for the time being.

  • Re-Connect the Headphones or Speakers

In some cases, the problem that you face in the audio renderer might not be related to a software aspect. You might be using either headphones or speakers to play the audio. There is a good chance that the error lies in them. Therefore, you need to verify this before you proceed with any other fixes. 

This is very simple, you just have to unplug them from the device for a while and connect them again. Does the sound work now? You might also want to try using them with another device, such as your phone. If you see them functioning well, then they’re not at fault. Otherwise, it’s time to get a new pair of sound playback devices.

  • Troubleshooting the Issue

As an end-user, it would understandably be complicated to fix the audio renderer error YouTube. After all, you have to find the cause first to be able to do that. Are you using the latest Windows version? Then, there is a simpler way for you to find out the cause and fix it- the troubleshooter. 

This tool is very helpful for detecting and repairing various software problems in the system. Moreover, it will also assist you in finding the fault in some hardware components such as the keyboard, mouse, etc.

Among other things, you can also use this tool for finding and fixing audio problems. When it is successful in doing that, it’ll tell you what to do for a solution. You just have to follow its instructions from that point for fixing the issue. This convenient method will save you a good amount of time. Further, you can access this option simply by going to Settings.

  • Disable Driver for Some Time

Your device needs the driver to play an audio file. Therefore, it’s a crucial part of the system. What happens if something goes wrong with it? That would make the computer unable to play the sound. If you play a video, for example, the device won’t be able to play the audio. That sounds exactly like the problem — audio renderer error YouTube, that you’re facing.

So, how do you solve the issue in this case? A simple restart can actually provide a more effective and long-lasting solution than you might believe. So, you might want to give this simple method a try. Navigate to the driver that you’re using in the Device Manager and right-click on it. Select the option to disable it and enable it in the same way, after waiting for a few moments. Now, the changes you made might not show right away, so reboot the device. Then, check if the sound is working properly.

  • Install the Latest Version Of Driver

Has the hack of restarting the driver in order to solve the audio renderer error YouTube worked? Then, you need to move on to other viable solutions. Which version of the audio driver are you using? That is a very important aspect and could have a role to play in the error. 

After all, you’re always supposed to keep upgrading it to a newer version. Otherwise, you’re bound to face problems in rendering audio. Go to the same location as described in the previous solution and choose the Update option. This will most probably provide you with a long-lasting solution. Also, remember to keep the drivers up-to-date so that you don’t face any further audio errors.

  • Bring Back an Older Driver Version

Had your device started to show errors in audio rendering right after a driver upgrade? That could be a sign that this new version is incompatible with the system. What do you do in such a situation? It’s simple, you just revert to the older version. You can do this easily by going to the driver options as mentioned in the previous method. 

Apart from these, you’ll also get the option to replace the driver you’re using with the second latest version. If you have detected the problem correctly, this method would surely work in your case. The device wouldn’t face any more trouble playing the audio.

  • Install the Latest OS

The system software is another component that you need to upgrade regularly. After all, you have more than one or two reasons to do that. It is unsafe to use an outdated one as it can be an easier target for hackers. The latest one, on the other hand, would come with the protective measures that are currently effective. It can also make sure that you don’t face the audio renderer error YouTube. So, you must install the latest OS version. You can see this solution as an alternative to rolling back the driver.

  • Change the Browser or Install the Latest Version

Are you using a web browser to view the videos? This could be related to the annoying problem that you’re facing. If that is true, then the issue would be very easy to fix. For that, you have to take into account how old the browser is that you’re using. Has it been outdated for a considerably long time? This can often cause hindrance in the sound rendering when you play a video. Therefore, you need to get it upgraded. You can simply change to another browser as an alternative. That would surely bring a long-lasting solution.


The methods given here are the easiest hacks that you will find for the audio renderer error YouTube. Moreover, they would take up just a considerably small amount of your time. Therefore, you must give all of them a try. If not one, the other would surely work in your case. Hopefully, you won’t need to look for any solutions other than these. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the audio renderer?

media sink that renders audio is the streaming audio renderer (SAR). The SAR renders single audio stream for each instance. Use many instances of the SAR to render numerous streams.

Why is my audio renderer error?

Your PC’s audio driver may be the source of the audio renderer error. You should delete the audio driver in this case. Uninstalling the audio driver would also require Windows to reinstall it, which may resolve some driver issues on your computer. So, if you get the “Audio render error”, don’t panic.

How do I restart my audio device?

“Sound, Video, and Game Controllers” should be double-clicked. To restart the device, right-click the sound driver and select “Enable.”