Arris network routers and modems are quite well-known for home and office purposes. The features and functions are exclusive to the users. It seems that you have already opted for the SB6190 router model. So, it is obvious that you have to know the Arris SB6190 login and configuration process in detail. 

Before that, you have to unbox the new Arris SB6190 router. Make sure that all the accessories are in order. After that, turn on your computer for the configuration process. A few people may suggest mobile devices, but the router management page’s desktop mode is much more convenient. 

1. Turn on the Router

Unwrap the power cord and connect it to the router. Provide power by attaching it to the electrical socket board. Carefully notice whether all the LED lamps on the device are glowing. Locate the Ethernet port at the backside of the device. Grab the Ethernet cable and plug it in. This will provide a network connection. The Arris SB6190 login and configuration is yet to be done.

2. Connect the Router to your PC

A short Ethernet cable comes along with the router. Besides the WAN Ethernet port, there are a couple of LAN ports. Connect the dedicated Ethernet cable to one of the LAN ports. Attach another end to the LAN port of your PC. This initiates the wired setup between the Arris router and your PC. In the case of wireless connection, activate the WiFi feature and connect it to the router. 

What are the Default IP Addresses?

The default router IP addresses play the most crucial role in Arris SB6190 login and configuration. Some of the default IP addresses of the Arris routers are,,, 1968.25476, and Amongst these IP addresses, one will be your router’s default one. 

The Arris SB6190 Login and Configuration

The router IP address is the key factor towards the login as well as the configuration process. Find out the IP address of the router. It may be present somewhere on the brand label. In case you don’t find it, then have a look at the user manual. Open the default browser, type the router IP address in the address bar and press Enter – the login page will open. 

In the user manual, you might also find the login ID and password. Apply it to the desired place to log in. If you don’t find any user ID and password, leave both the spaces blank and click on the Login button. The router management page will appear; there are several tabs with a variety of functions. Observe each tab carefully and navigate to Network Settings/ Network Connection Settings. 

You will find the blank spaces to enter the desired network credentials – IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway and others. Hopefully, you have all the network credentials. In case something is missing, contact the ISP for further assistance. Save the changes and close the tab. Move forward towards the General Settings to apply security. 

Providing the Router Security

The General Settings will help you re-configure the name and security key of the router. Pick up the device and have a look at the back. You will be able to notice the network name. The Arris SB6190 is a dual-band router. The SSID of the 2.4 GHz is SBG7580AC-25EE. On the other hand, the SSID of the 5GHz SBG7580AC-25EE-5G. 

Set the SSID manually and delete the existing password (if any). You have to provide a mixed password that is combined with uppercase and lowercase English alphabets. In addition to that, always provide some special characters to ensure strong encryption. Save all the changes and exit the Router Management page. 

Arris SB6190 Login and Configuration through Mobile 

If you are eager to set up the router through mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets will initiate the wireless connection. Other than that, the login and configuration process is the same as above. Make sure you activate the WiFi feature on your smartphone and tablet to begin the process. 

What is the Role of the Arris SB6190 Mobile Application?

Maybe there is a mobile application that will add several extra privileges while using the router. With the help of the mobile application, you can perform the Arris SB6190 login and configuration process and set up several other security measures. The application will act as remote access to the router. In addition to that, for kids, you can set up parental controls as well. Lastly, the application will provide you with the details of the monthly data report. 

Resolving Common Router Issues

The only effective solution to resolve any router issue is to reset the device. You will notice the reset button on the backside of the device. Grab a paper clip or a pen to tap on the reset switch. Hold it for a few seconds and the router will restart. After that, follow the steps given above to reconfigure the Arris SB6190 login process. In the case of hardware issues, you can’t do much. Take the device to the authorised service center, and the experts will take care of all the hardware issues.