Apple is deliberately planning to get a premium Apple’s news update that will be integrated into its baked-in news app for iPhone and iPad users. The company recently purchased a magazine subscription service and texture that Apple is going to make use of. This update will come along with a premium option for you. Apple has been working on its news section since long time back. So hope this ad-free paid subscription model works out this time when it finally came up with something new.

Apple literally sold more than a billion iPhones till now and obviously, though all of them are not in the operable condition right at the moment. So that clearly means that millions of people are already receiving the Apple News. If you are an iPhone user, you can go for this paid subscription offer by signing up. Fortunately, Apple has set a cut for the publishers.

The News World Cannot Resist The Apple Platform

In fact, the major resources of Content including ‘The New York Times’ and The Washington Post have already employed themselves as premium subscribers. The rest of the news world is still relying on the ad-based news where they have to pay a lot amount and that is where the fake news begins.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has been vocally disappointed by the social media platform for not recognizing fake news. As per his words, if the issue is 1%, these platforms are giving them the rest of the 99% for manipulating people. But undoubtedly, along with every recent news update, Cook is making more and more money.

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Apple Says Yes Only To The Genuine Publishers

If you remember Apple’s past activities, it has offered newspaper subscriptions and magazines to users through the previous Newsstand app. In the meanwhile, Texture offered its users to get around 200 news by subscribing for $9.99. And that is not the end. It also provided weekly magazine titles with the subscription of $14.99. At that time, Texture was considered one of the best news platforms for general people.

Apple has still ruled the news section because this company believes in controlling news on itself prioritizing its public image. This clearly means that Apple is not going to respond to those day-to-day news inquiries unless and until it is something really important. So you can blindly believe in Apple’s news world because of its qualities and transparency.

Looking forward…

Years ago, Apple broke the door of a reporter to regain the access to a lost iPhone prototype and this was almost bursting the newsroom with multiple points of view. Therefore, the magazine publishers who are not focussed on news and especially working on tech and Apple specifically might feel uncomfortable with Apple’s subscription revenue.

As soon as the news becomes unfavorable, Apple might kick them away from the subscription. Looks like Apple is maintaining a tight protection for its public reputation and making things easier for the users. But publishers still cannot resist Apple’s call to participate and subscribe themselves for the Apple News.