Talking about the best? Looking for the most popular? Apple is here. Each and every product Apple Inc. come up with is undoubtedly the most reliable even if it is comparatively more expensive than other similar products from a different brand. But here is one thing. If you ever thought that Apple has been providing you the best security and protection from data extraction, this article must be very handy to you.

Why so? Well, let me put lights on the very startling truth. The Guardian’s neoteric report about the very famous Siri put a major portion of Apple products’ owners into a state of shock. The report says that whatever Siri listens to, it gets directly transmitted to the contractors of Apple Inc. Data and privacy is a vital part of a phone and is very much expected to remain limited to the phones only. It is very upsetting that they were not private at all.

Apple contractors are able to hear all the audio clips that included very personal and even intimate conversations. They are literally getting to know about the private lifestyle of each and every user, especially the iPhone and iPad users. The third-party contractors get the audio files (well, they are humans) and they categorize the response.

This piece will let you know that whatever you think is kept private on your phone are not private at all at the end of the day. Before we jump to the main section, have a background check.

What is Siri Afterall?

Siri is a voice assistant that comes with every iPhone, iPad, or Mac. It is much like Google Assistant but a little bit more leaned towards advancement. Siri is a personal assistant application for the operating system of iPhones/iPads (iOS). Siri utilizes natural languages for making a conversation with the user. It answers questions, makes recommendations, and perform certain actions. The various tasks Siri performs include making phone calls, setting alarm, even reading messages, and more. Siri can play music for you. It surfs the Internet to get you something you need to know through Google.

Siri was developed with speech input and speech output technology. This basically means you can speak into it and Siri will speak back to you.

Always use the words “Hey Siri!” to make it alert and she will start listening to your voice. Ask “How’s the weather today?” Siri will respond you back the temperature along with humidity, pressure, and wind as well as a five-day weather forecast.

How do you have to Use Siri?

There is no icon or symbol for Siri on your phone. You have to turn it on manually.

  1. Press the home button. If you are using iPhone X, then press the side button as it does not have a home button.
  2. Say “Hey Siri!”
  3. Use a Bluetooth headset.
  4. If your device supports your vehicle then you can use ‘Carplay’.

The first two methods are the simplest methods to turn on Siri. Pressing a button or speaking out two words is way simpler than the other ones.

There was a report a few days before that Amazon and Google have access to third parties who recovers all the voice recordings. Amazon has Alexa and Google has it’s very smart and famous Google Assistant. They even admitted the fact and did take steps to stop this unwanted intrusion. You might be sitting there with no worries as you are an Apple user. But what if it is the same for you too? Well, then you need this info that Apple transmits voice clips to a third party which literally includes each and every voice Siri hears throughout the day.

So, Is Your Data and Privacy Private at All? – Let’s Check

On Apple’s privacy page it is precisely noticed, “To help them recognize your pronunciation and provide better responses, certain information such as your name, contacts, the music you listen to, and searches is sent to Apple servers using encrypted rules.”

Both Alexa and Google Assistant users complained about conveying private voice notes. Apple did no less. As per the report, I talked about in the prelims of this article Apple never said that humans could listen to voice clips and perform further analysis. Apple stated to the Guardian, “A small portion of Siri inquires are analyzed for the betterment of Siri and dictation. An Apple ID does not associate with user requests. Siri responses are examined in guarded amenities and all critics are under the obligation to adhere to Apple’s strict confidentiality demands.”

The Extremity of the Voice Clips’ Transfer

Siri does not just start hearing through the phrase you say (Hey Siri) but even a small screeching noise can set Siri off and gets activated.

Let me come to the worst chapter. Okay, here it is. The sensors get activated right after somebody lifts up the phone and with that Siri is ready to listen. The only good thing about this is Siri was able to record numerous criminal deals. Always remember that Siri activates itself right after you turn on the phone. It just starts responding after you ask her anything with the phrase or pressing the home button. But, it is functional throughout the entire period.

Recording sounds of intimate moments between couples or a very secret conversation is not at all what you expect from this company. These voice clips get transferred straight away in the hands of the contractors where they are graded and examined.

Transmission of delicate and private clips to a third party is not a new thing but if a product from Apple does so, it is a major shocker. This is because it always promises to provide super sturdy privacy to users’ data.

Again, the Whistleblower said that there are plenty of moments of recordings that feature a conversation between a doctor and his patients, business deals, sexual confrontations, and so on. Not only that, Siri sends the voice clips to the contractors along with other inside stories like your location, contact details, and application data.

The Whistleblower also added – “It would not be difficult to identify the person that you are listening to, especially with accidental triggers – addresses, names, and so on.”

Let Us See – What Apple has to Say?

Apple had to give a response after a massive measure of complaint from so many people. The team responded to what The Guardian had to say.

The brand simply said – “A small portion of Siri requests are analyzed to improve Siri and dictation. Apple ID does not consolidate user requests. Analyzation of Siri responses occurs in secure facilities. All analysts are under the obligation to adhere to Apple’s strict confidentiality demands.”

Wrapping up with a Concluding Note:

Before Siri, Amazon and Google also got complaints about transmitting private data to third parties from Alexa recordings and Google assistant recordings respectively. Reports mentioned that Apple bought a billboard at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The billboard said – “What occurs on your iPhone remains on your iPhone.”

Still, people remained in doubt as to the security Apple promised was not seeming very secure. It is better to keep your phones away whenever you are having a private or important conversation with somebody. To be very realistic, it is tough.

With this, we have come to the end of this piece. I hope you got to know what you needed to know long before. Shoot your comments and let us know if you are a victim of this flaw. Give us feedback. It will help us to serve you better with facts.

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