As per Apple’s recent development guidelines, the cryptocurrency mining is banned completely. Apple is aiming to restrict unnecessary apps that bring unwanted system resources or generate excess heat. These apps also cause excessive battery drainage and pull down the system performance. Though the Apple’s 2014 update already banned the idea of cryptocurrency mining on iPhone, this new update has enforced this law more heavily on the Apple users.

The latest language has covered both the active and passive cryptocurrency mining and made this very clear for Apple users that they will no more face the performance drainage problem. Apple’s system resources were making use of the Apple’s system resources in order to mine cryptocurrency. They ran in the background while the users were working with their iPhone or iPad. Even you may not be aware of the fact when they are actually making use of your Apple device as they don’t require your permission before doing that.

Why Is Apple So Annoyed With Cryptocurrency Mining?

In the year 2013 and 2014, Apple has dismissed the coin-based and crypto-related apps from Apple app store. Meanwhile, in 2018, the Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak has lost more than $75,000 in Bitcoin because of a scammer. This is the former reason behind banning those coin-based apps.

All of you must have heard about the Bitcoin and its activities. The custom ASIC chips have dominated Bitcoin in order to mine cryptocurrencies. Though the other cryptocurrencies have made themselves resistant to ASIC chips, they still look for the ran power much more than your Apple phone can offer. Even the high-end laptops don’t really hold the ability to solve those complex algorithms without any regularity.

That is the reason why the miners are searching for the custom-built rigs to use them for their sole purpose of mining multiple cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, these rigs generally include pro-level hardware, which is just next to impossible to find at MSRP. So, now you know why Apple has taken this decision. At the end of the day, every brand will obviously save its own users first.

Check Out The Aspects Of Other Pro-Brands

Apple has enforced this law at the right time when the World is actually getting concerned about the scamming activities of the cryptocurrency mining. The Securities And Exchange Commission is extremely aggressive about this matter and trying their hard to ban the initial coin offerings that are completely fraudulent. So, looks like Apple is not the only brand that is annoyed with the cryptocurrency miners. There are many more names that have joined the same group.

Google and Facebook have already banned the cryptocurrency platform on their concerned software. In a similar fashion, Twitter is also trying to clock the cryptocurrency-related ads to offer their users a better platform of social media. Under the new guidelines of Twitter, it is going to prohibit the advertisements related to token sales and initial coin offerings. And why shouldn’t they take this initiative, especially when this cryptocurrency mining is definitely not helpful and draining the system performance?