Recently Google revealed the Android 11 beta version. Their own stock Android mobile phone, Google Pixel will be the host device for beta testing purposes. Android 11 is on the run and Google will officially release it by the end of 2020. 

Google promised its Android users that they will receive remarkable features. Along with that, a lot of improved security, better control of all the gadgets, a framework, and many more will also be there. 

The Best Features of Android 11

Before the launch, Android 11 mainly focused on its communication and controls. There are also several small features that will definitely catch your attention. Now, let’s check them out. 

Notifications during a Conversation

Google has improved the conversation section with more embedded features. The notification shade will be just on the right-hand side of the Settings. In addition to that, it also contains a new power menu and other new small features as well. But, you must know that all of these features might not come with the full version of Android 11.

Chats in Bubble Format

Good news folks! Bubble chat is finally here. A couple of days back you might have been hearing about this. This feature was actually meant for Android 10 but it will be in Android 11. When someone will message you on any of your social media accounts, you will receive a notification “Bubble It”. Your conversation will remain as it is on the screen. Moreover, it will not hamper your current working on any other application. 

Parental Controls 

Granting permission to the user, the system software is one of the most important aspects of mobile applications. You will get easy access to parental controls in Android 11. If you haven’t used an application for a longer period of time, then you can reset it with the system permissions. 

It also has the facility to auto-reset the permissions on its own. If you deny any parental control to the system, then it will not ask you again. As a result, the permission will overwrite the default settings given by the Operating System itself. 

The Control of Multi-Media Access

There are a few quick settings that will help you to access and regulate the media controls of the phone. With the help of these controls, you can easily expand and collapse your multimedia applications as well. Moreover, Android 11 also introduces a new button which will help you to manipulate your wireless speakers and headphones.  

Built-in Screen Recorder

Android 10 is supposed to have a built-in screen recorder feature. Before the release of Android 10, the feature was eliminated by Google. Now, you will get in on Android 11 beta. Not only can you record the screen, but also create thumbnail pictures that will float on the left-hand side of the display. All you have to do is tap on it quickly to edit or share.