The new developer preview of Alexa has come up with eight new free voices to skills. Amazon’s new launch is not exactly the vocal overhaul that the Google Assistant is receiving, rather you can call it a beginning. Though there are tons of smart speakers available in the market, finding the right one for you may not be that easy. Everyone claims to offer the best initially, but how many of them are actually keeping their words? Well, this is something that we wonder about.

What Does Alexa Have To Offer?

Though Alexa has got two more voices than Google Assistant, you might not like to replace your current voices with them. Amazon has given Alexa a text-to-speech platform where the developer preview allows the developers to integrate voices. It has included new abilities, entertainment, and games which are the add-on utilities to the users. The decision depends on your choice of voice assistants and your preferable speaker features.

Here, the developers can access different voices without uploading MP3 files or adding custom audio tracks. As per Amazon, with the use of Amazon Polly, you can use it for every utterance in your skill if you want to. Also, the Structured Speech Markup Language helps you pick up a different voice for any utterance.

If you are a developer and working with two different characters, Amazon Polly lets you do that without any additional effort. Looks like Amazon has successfully managed to make Alexa the brand that flashes in people’s mind whenever they hear about a Digital Voice Assistant.

Alexa Vs. Google Assistant- Which One To Choose?

There is huge controversy among people between the choices of Google assistant and Alexa. Some developers say that Google Assistant is 100 times better than Alexa as per many aspects. Because when around 5,000 questions were thrown at all the AI assistants, the Google Assistant stood at the top beating Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri.

While Alexa has been launched recently with the capability to answers your questions that you have already asked before, Google Assistant provides 80% better response than that and that too in a smart way. For example, if you ask your Google assistant, “When are US taxes due?” It never fails to answer that, but Alexa does.

But on the other hand, Alexa definitely has a better breadth of abilities that Google Assistant, that doesn’t have the same. These apps make your device do out of the box activities that you never came across before. In Alexa, you get something called ‘Books’ that lets you do multiple tasks with your device. The same kind of feature you can find in Google Assistant as ‘action’. But over there the offers are a bit less. So again the choice depends on your preferences which one is going to satisfy your needs.  

However, Alexa seems to get better over time with much more improved features and amazing voice qualities. Therefore, let’s hope for the best and wait for it to live up to its potential that Amazon promised before.