You might think that iPhones are the most popular brand of cell phones. However, did you know that android phones are the world’s most popular operating system?

With over 2.5 billion users, one of the best options for android buyers is the Samsung S22. Follow along for the most amazing Samsung S22 features that you probably haven’t heard about.

Nonstop Display

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has a unique feature that offers a nonstop display of the phone screen while you look at it. As long as you have your settings set through Motions and Gestures you can select Keep screen on while viewing to accomplish this. As long as your face is detectable on the camera screen your phone will stay lit even if you don’t touch it.

This is great for people who use their phones to read or watch movies. Remember to keep a charger nearby in case your battery drains. If you don’t have a charger, try this next feature.

Power Saving Mode

If you’re in a pinch and need to save your battery, try activating the power-saving feature. This is in the Samsung Galaxy phone’s settings under Battery and Device care. This is also great for people who have a higher screen time.

Kids Mode

Samsung flagship phones are great for adults and kids alike. There is a great feature that is specific for children to use. You can even set up a protected child-friendly home screen that can be customized.

Six other children can be linked to this account on the same phone. If you are looking to buy something that is kid-friendly, Boost Mobile devices are great options.

Smart Lock Option

The smart lock is a feature that’s great for your privacy and easy to use. You can have your phone unlocked when it connects via a Bluetooth device. This can be a smartwatch, car, or any other trusted device. This also offers on body detection which will securely lock your phone when it leaves your body.

Unlike the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S22 offers dual unlocking features. You can enjoy using both fingerprinting and face security for your unlock methods.

S Pen Features

The S pen gives users the ability to draw and write text, and even translate words from other languages. Simply hold the pen above a word to activate Google Translate. It can be fun to interact with the display using a pen rather than your finger. The phone also offers other various apps that are compatible with the stylus.

Buy Your Samsung S22 Today

You can’t go wrong with the Galaxy Series because of its many great qualities. There are a variety of phones to think about, but these amazing features are hard to pass up.

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