In this age of technology, identity theft has taken its toll on the online world. Identity scam has become so much easier with the e-commerce market and financial institutions going online. This is where the need for online identity verification arises. Face recognition is an effective way for identity verification. It verifies a person’s identity by scanning their faces.

Online facial identification is a growing market that has helped a lot in putting a stop to identity scam. Research declares that the online facial recognition market is expected to grow at a CAGR (Cumulative Annual Growth Rate) of 16.6%. By 2024, the value will increase to a record-breaking value of 7 billion USD.

How does Face Recognition work

Softwares operated through artificial intelligence have made facial recognition immensely accurate. Analysis of a face can be done through the photo of a person or 3D liveness detection. End-user is asked to show their face on a webcam or send their selfie.

It scans the person’s face then converts it to algorithms. These algorithms are matched with the person’s picture that was saved in the database beforehand. Different spoof patterns can be detected through skin texture analyses.

Face Recognition solution can detect if an identity thief is using:

  • a face mask
  • a fake photo
  • Screenshot or printed image
  • An old photo
  • Distorted image
  • Video replay

How has online Facial Recognition helped

Online face recognition has not only helped in eliminating the Identity scam, it has also made the verification process less hectic. It has lessened the need to carry your ID cards everywhere you go. You won’t have to stand in long queues to get your identity verified. Here are some use cases of face recognition:

  • Safer Travelling

One of the industries that are at the most advantage due to face identification online is airports. Travelling is becoming document free. Airports are used in criminal activities like drug trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, etc. This is why it is extremely necessary for airports to have a face verification system. It saves a lot of time for the passengers. They just have to pass by and get their face verified instead of standing in long lines for manual verification.

  • Crime Control

Street cameras can be used to verify the faces of the people passing by. Face recognition solution can detect the face of the criminals by passing through the streets. The police department can use it to catch them. Even the FBI uses face recognition service to verify if the person was involved in criminal activities or not. Identity scams have lessened due to this. Even people involved in money laundering activities can be detected through this solution.

  • Security in businesses

With businesses going online, identity theft has increased a lot. Scammers use online systems to pretend to be someone they are not. This is why face recognition is very important. Fintech and e-commerce industries are at most risk of identity theft fraud. Face verification can help businesses verify a person’s identity before they deal with them.

  • Biometric Solution

Biometric is a security solution for authenticating a person’s identity. Facial recognition can be used as a biometric authentication system. It can be used as door locks as well. Instead of fingerprints or iris scanning, your face can be registered in the system. They just have to verify their face before the door unlocks. This is a great security measure. Many offices are using this verification system as an attendance. It keeps away robbers or thieves.

Biometric verification applies in order to authenticate identities to the use of the special human biological characteristics. It requires the use of the human form, fingerprints and speech sounds. People have access to personal websites, software , computer appliances or devices.