Home appliances have made life much easier, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or any corner of your house. If you are thinking of buying any home appliances, then make sure you buy a good quality one. This will help in less maintenance, better work, and even it will last for longer.

But unfortunately, many users have some myths related to home appliances. It might be related to the refrigerator, to microwave etc. Following these myths might damage your home appliance and even might waste both your time and money. Below we have discussed the DIY hacks that you must avoid.

Myths that You should Avoid

We have discussed some myths about household appliances so that you don’t fall for them anymore. This might help you in dealing with less chaotic situations. To make things a little easier, people are always looking for new things. They think that it will help them, but unfortunately, they fall into these traps.  And, in case your home appliances fail to function, seek assistance from Appliance Repair Dubai.

1. Manually Cleaning the Self-Cleaning Oven

Cleaning is very important, and to maintain your messy house, it must be your top priority. Similarly, cleaning the oven must also be at top of the list among home appliances. But, fortunately, technology has improved a lot, and so have home appliances. Self-cleaning ovens are available in the market which makes the cleaning task much easier.

Thus, with a self-cleaning oven, you don’t have to do the troublesome work. But, some people are willing to manually clean the oven because of the fear of fumes and bad smells. They think that if the oven is not cleaned manually, the appliance won’t be clean.

But, the self-cleaning function is amazing. It works properly. Just remember that when you are even using the self-cleaning function of the oven make sure that if your pets, they must be in a separate room. This is because the fumes are quite harmful.

2. Using Hot water for Cleaning the Cloth in Washing Machine

Almost everyone uses hot water for deep cleaning purposes. This has been a belief, and thus a myth has arisen that cold water won’t help in deep cleaning. In most washing machines and even with some detergents, cold water works effectively. And, even it saves your money.

It has been seen that a major amount of cost goes up due to hot water usage. As mentioned, there are certain detergents that get well-formulated only with cold water. Just make sure that you used the right one and your clothes will be properly clean.

3. Harmful Radiation emitting from Microwave

Often people think that radiation emitted from microwaves is harmful to our health. It is true, but only if it releases a high level of energy. Microwaves release a low level of electromagnetic radiation. For your information, your cell phone also emits low-level energy.

We’re using the energy injected into our food to make it warm or hot. According to a well-known institution it has been revealed that if the unit is low, and if you use a suitable container, then it is completely safe. And, also the microwave must be in good condition. And, still, if you need further advice, seek help from Appliance Repair Dubai.

4. Rinsing the dishes before going for the Dishwasher

Many people believe that dishes need to be rinsed before you put them on the dishwasher. But, it is a myth. It might be worse than helping. The dishes could be damaged and might form white clouds in them. It has been seen that most detergent does not go well with cleaning the food particle attached to it.

Even the alkaline level of the dishwasher is much higher. A lot of water is wasted due to the rising of the dishes. If you avoid this, then you can save water bills, as well as save money from buying new dishes. Also, not to mention that it also releases stress from the overloaded work.

5. Using Baking Soda eliminate Bad odour from the Refrigerator

It is completely a myth that baking soda helps in removing the odour from the refrigerator. Baking soda has sodium bicarbonate that can be used to absorb mild odour. Activated charcoal can be a better replacement in case you are thinking of cleaning the refrigerator. It helps in cleaning the air filters and even water purifiers. And, for your information, it has pure carbon, the organic molecule helps in eliminating the bad smell.

6. Add water to the grease for Plumbing appliances

Unfortunately for proper plumbing systems, many use water and grease together. But, you should never do that. Grease is a fatty substance, if it directly flows to the drain, then it might cause a lot of problems. And, if you add boiling water, then it might worsen the situation. For better functioning use toilet paper and remove the grease. In this way, you can easily clean the drainage pipes.

7. Using a major amount of detergent in Washing Machines

Many people think that if the dirt is more than the requisite amount, you need to use more detergent, but that is completely wrong. All washing machines have mentioned a certain proportion of detergents. Adding extra detergents won’t help you in cleaning your clothes rather it will restrict proper functioning. It might damage your machine. So, do avoid this kind of belief.


So, these were 7 myths related to the home appliance. If you search more, then you might find a lot of myths available. But, we have mentioned the most popular ones that people generally do. And, you never know, some still believe in these myths and might be around you.

Another myth is that it’s completely fine to put anything in the garbage disposal. For your information, it is not a trash can, you can’t just put anything in it. This might damage the blade and the motor. Your disposal can handle biodegradable food scraps. So, think before you use any random DIYs.