The increasing competitive real estate market has seen sellers derive creative ways in which to stay ahead of the competition. This competition has led to the use of drones as people search for better ways of showing details of their property when you sell house online. Given that this trend is relatively new in the market, it sets your company apart and places it on the competitive edge in the market. These devices offer versatile and creative ways that you can leverage to provide potential buyers with vivid photographs and videos of the property you wish to sell. Read on to find out some of these ways.


1. Showing Details of the Neighbourhood


Most property buyers aren’t just concerned with the property they wish to buy. Since they are planning to live in that house, they need to see what the surrounding areas look like and what amenities are available. Photos and videos captured from the ground cannot offer a proper scope of the appearance of the surrounding areas of the property. Besides, a buyer cannot be sure of the distance between the house and amenities unless they look at a map.


Luckily, with the use of a drone, you can show them what the roads look like, what hospitals are around the area, and what schools their children will attend. They also want to see what luxurious spots are available, and you can show them by flying the drone towards these areas from the house. These may include malls, the beach, or golf courses.


2. Providing them with an Idea of the Size of the property


It’s hard to get an idea of the size of a home from images or videos taken from the ground, which is why a significant number of prospective buyers need to visit the property before making a decision. Drones images and videos will give potential buyers a clue on the size of the property and omit the need for them to travel to your site.


This device will help you capture high-quality aerial images and show off more details of your property by putting together the roof of the house, the front and back lawn and the fence in a single frame. You may also capture an image of each room from above to give people insight on their sizes. Aerial photos or videos of the entire property will also show the proximity of the closest houses.


3. Offer Virtual Tours


You can look for a skilled drone pilot and give potential buyers virtual tours inside the property and house. This way, you can provide your audience with a unique experience where they can see details of the house first-hand, but from the comfort of their homes. Such a video will capture all angles of the house and showcase vital information that may attract buyers. Drones are also small enough to enter squeezed spaces like attics, tight stairs, and powder rooms, which can help show people the status of your house.


4. Creating 3D Images


In addition to providing virtual tours, drones can help you capture visual data to create an orthomosaic map of the property or 3D videos. Buyers can use such information to familiarize themselves with your property before making a purchase. You may also use such videos to show people the advantages of the amenities provided in your property.

Shooting videos in high res or 3D from a drone is not enough. In most situations, you will have to edit the same by using professional-grade drone video editing software. This will allow you to create engaging and exciting video content that will attract the attention of your target audiences. Using drones is great for the real estate industry, but it needs to be improved and perfected after using editing software.


5. Shows the Roof


The roof of a house on sale is a decisive aspect for many potential homebuyers. Most of them want to rest assured that the roof is in prime condition, and no significant repairs will be required in the near future. With the help of a drone, you can quickly provide them with high-quality images or videos of every detail of the roof. Also, a well-designed, high-quality roof can attract a potential buyer, and there’s no better way to showcase it to buyers than with a drone.


6. Drones Increase your Visibility and Attract Buyers


Drone images and videos will make your listing stand out from the rest, thanks to their ability to capture the true essence of your home in high-quality pictures and videos. They do so by combining programmed GPS that directs them to the exact location you want. They also use camera targeting technology that allows them to focus and zoom in to capture high definition images. These photographs will attract more potential buyers and can use them to create a point of entry on your listing to attract a broad audience. You may also capture the best aspects of your home from any angle to increase the property’s appeal, which will transform your audience into buyers.


Drone photos and videos provide home sellers with an excellent way of showcasing their property in a detailed manner. They also offer potential buyers with vital information about a house to help them make a decisive choice without visiting the property. Overall they have transformed the real estate market for the better.