Are you planning to get a refurbished phone? Well, generally it seems to be very profitable when we get a revived smartphone. Amazon India contains a separate store for such phones and you’ll be able to go there and get a refurbished phone at a lower cost or cheaper price than the actual price. Do you have to truly get a refurbished phone? Let’s mention some things that you just ought to check before shopping for a refurbished phone from Amazon Renewed. By using Amazon Renewed you can also be able to get some extra services for free for example Amazon Audible or you are able to even cancel the amazon audible membership without paying anything.

What is Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed is that the same as Amazon however it sells refurbished phones. Generally, customers come fresh ordered phones and thank to their fault or generally there are some things wrong with the merchandise. These came back phones then tested and repaired by approved professionals and labelled as refurbished phones. A number of these devices area unit those that customers exchange whereas upgrading to a brand new phone.

The refurbished phones bear varied quality checks before they’re up purchasable once more. There area unit meticulous examinations, quality checks, repairing (if needed), additionally as another approved procedures to form these devices in good operating condition. The foremost necessary issue you ought to regard these phones is that they are doing accompany a guarantee.

Things to know before shopping for Refurbished Phone

As mentioned, refurbished phones bear rigorous testing, repair additionally as certification processes before they’re up purchasable on Amazon Renewed.

But if you’re still unsafe regarding considering a Refurbished Phone. Here’s a fast listing for your facility before shopping for a phone from Amazon Renewed.

  1. Check Warranty

All refurbished phones typically accompany a guarantee. This is often extremely necessary particularly once the phone is flawed, simply just in case at a later time, then the warranty is that the solely protection for you. If a refurbished phone doesn’t embrace a guarantee then don’t purchase it.

On Amazon Renewed, you essentially get a 6-month warranty on all refurbished phones. Still, you ought to check this additionally check if the vendor is shipping the merchandise with a sound invoice or bill. This may assist you in returning the device or obtaining it repaired or refund.

  1. Check Return Policy

When you get a refurbished phone from an internet store like Amazon, confirm that the phone comes under its return policy and additionally under the refund policy. Generally, there are some probabilities that refurbished smartphones begin showing problems once mistreatment for one or two days and you wish to return them.

  1. Check Accessories 

This is the important aspect of the foremost necessary aspects to envision that the phone comes with all original accessories. However, you’ll not continuously get the first box of the phone additionally as earphones. Generally, there are some faulty accessories like faux chargers which will harm the phone’s battery. So, take a look at the phone accessories particularly the charger to make sure it’s not faulty.

  1. Check value and Discounts

For many users, one of the key reasons to shop for a refurbished phone is attributable to its new model and still reasonable. Therefore typically a refurbished phone is priced at a lot less than a very good brand new phone. To shoppers ought to beforehand check the new phone’s value.

Generally, there are many banks that have many offer on Amazon, which can build a refurbished smartphone more cheaper. However, you should check again & again that what would the price of the new phone with these awesome discounts and offers.

  1. Check Client Reviews

Customer reviews are another useful method for shopping for refurbished mobile online. These reviews are real-life from customers who have recently purchased the mobile device. In these reviews, can additionally realize the merchandise pictures therefore you’ll be able to get a plan of however the merchandise will seem like?

Just open any product that you just need to get, attend its reviews section at the lowest of the page and skim the reviews additionally as see the photographs if you discover one thing attention-grabbing.

  1. Check vendor Reviews

Checking vendor data and its reviews is additionally and equally necessary. If you selected a non-trustworthy vendor to shop for a tool, you’ll find yourself in bother, either whereas availing of your warranty or making an attempt to position a replacement or whereas soliciting for a refund.

Open the merchandise or product page and just looking for the “Sold by” section under the stock left choice. Here you will get the exact vendor name, click here and it’ll take you to the vendor review page. Here, you ought to additionally confirm that the device is “Amazon fulfilled” therefore it’ll be packed and sent by Amazon.

Apart from these items, there are a number of a lot of things that you just solely check once you get the device in your hands.

Bonus Tip: Things to envision once shopping for

You should additionally check a number of alternative things once the merchandise or product is delivered to your home. you’ll be able to check sure spec-related data regarding the phone with hardware, battery and usage statistics by running some medical speciality tests, charging the phone or by running some third-party benchmark apps or by dialling specific service codes.