FTP servers satisfy the protocol in which data, files, and folders are exchanged. FTP is mainly used by FTP clients or webmasters that work with downloading files into the FTP servers. 

However, these webmasters often come across an error that is known as “530 login authentication error”. What happens during this error, is that the FTP clients are unable to connect to the server. 

To put in other words, when an FTP client tries to establish a connection with the server using the username and password, it fails to happen so. And to find out why it happens and how to resolve it, go through the rest of the contents below!

Reasons Why 530 Login Authentication Error Happens! 

FTP connection error comes up when the server is unable to verify the login credentials of the user. But apart from that, there are two other reasons that can give rise to the 530 login authentication failed

1. Incorrect/Invalid Login Credentials

To establish a connection with the FTP server, the FTO client needs to enter the correct login information. Failing to do so, will result in an error. However, a default user account in FTP has the “username” as the name of the login. 

Any additional user account should be in a specific format. Such as, “[email protected]”. If the format is not maintained during the login, then you’d be facing the 530 login authentication failed filezilla.

2. Password Corrupted

The password of any user account in FTP is stored in the ftpd database with solid encryption of MD5 String. So, if there has been an update on the cPanel, or any update in the FTP server, then the password may get corrupted. This goes out for every user and not just any particular user account. 

3. DNS Invalid

If the DNS information is not correct, then most likely you’d be facing the 530 login authentication error. 

How To Resolve FTP 530 Login Authentication Error? 

If you’re one of those users who’ve been facing  the login authentication error, then go through these fixes that you can apply to fix the issue:

1. Filezilla Error

The 530 login authentication failed issue can be related to Filezilla. This implies that there may have been some alterations done mistakenly in the encryption settings. Maybe some unusual encryption settings may have been activated. 

If you are aware of making some moderations in the previous session you’d have to go to the “Settings”. From there, select the option called “Use Simple FTP”. 

However, keep in mind this procedure is not advisable in terms of security. But it still works in accessing the FTP server

2. Maintain Login Format

As mentioned previously, the default user account has a “username” as the name of the login. But for any other additional user account, the format needs to be like this. “[email protected]”. So make sure if you’re login from any additional account, this is the format of the login name that you require to enter. 

3. Enter Correct Login Credentials

Make sure you’re entering correct login information like username, password, and hostname during the FTP server access. If you’ve entered the correct credentials multiple times and still fail to establish a connection, then resetting the password is advisable. 

Once you’re done resetting the password, try establishing the connection once again. Then the problem should not occur again. 

4. Check Domain Name Server Information

The domain Name server is an important aspect while trying to generate an FTP connection. For that, make sure that the DNS information is correct and no changes have been made to it. One way to check if the DNS is correct or not is by ensuring the hostname is the point to the nameserver. 

5. Synchronize Account Password

If the servers have been changed, or if there has been any internal issue with the database then the password for all the user accounts will be corrupted. Having a database issue is much bigger than any other issue. 

But there is a way to retrieve a password if it has been corrupted. You can try switching to Pro FTP from Pure FTP. Doing this would result in password recovery from the database. 

In addition to this, you can also try synchronizing the user account password using the WHM if you’re in cPanel. This would replace the current password that is corrupted, with the one that’s relevant to the original password. 


Using the aforementioned fixes should do the work if you’re facing a login authentication error. So, apply each one and check which fix works out for you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does 530 Login incorrect mean?

When attempting to login to your hosting account via FTP, you may encounter the dreaded 530 Login wrong error. This error usually indicates that your credentials are incorrect or that your hostname is incorrect.

Why is my FileZilla not connecting?

Another possibility is that firewall is blocking the connection. If you have a local firewall or antivirus installed, turn it off. If that works, you may need to add an exception to your firewall configuration to allow FileZilla Pro permanent network access.

How do I log into FTP anonymously?

When logging in anonymously via FTP, usernames must be formatted as [email protected]where example.com is the user’s domain name.