Are you bored of the same learning methods? Do you feel like your mind is completely on the verge of exploding? Do you also want to get rid of the rote learning method? Well, here are some brain training apps to keep your mind fresh and active for new experiences!

Brain Training Apps

Lumosity: Brain Training

Lumosity is here to help you overcome the boring learning methods starting today! It offers one of the most effective learning programs to train your mind and learn more about it. What’s better than having to learn more about your brain? If you think you’re the only one installing one of the best brain training apps, then we have news for you! There are over a million other people who trust this app and use it regularly. It will do wonders for your speed, memory, flexibility and allow you to exercise your problem-solving skills.

These training tools will help you with writing; however, you will need a bit of practice to grasp the nitty-gritty of the writing world. So, if you think there is a rapidly approaching deadline, you can ask a professional to write my essay for me. It will save you a lot of effort and time. Then, you can be by yourself without additional stress and workload. In the meantime, you can use Luminosity to keep your mind active and get a grip over several things that you found difficult before. Why delay it? You will have to spend a few seconds installing the app, and then the world will be at your fingertips!

●      40+ activities;

●      Countless challenges to enhance mind action;

●      Curated set of games just for you;

●      Customized challenges based on your preference and habits.

What more would you want?


Here is another one that many call the best brain training app out there. Elevate isn’t just any other tool. It focuses on boosting your confidence and self-esteem by helping you stay sharp and active. The games on this app focus on your brainpower and work on improving your earning ability. Whether it’s math, reading, writing, or speaking, this tool covers anything and everything.

If you think your progress is lost in the process, then you’re completely mistaken! You can track everything as you learn, and the app also tracks your performance to compare it with others on your level. Furthermore, the app is completely backed up by research, and the games aren’t just any other set of fun games, rather designed by experts in the field of mind training.

Moreover, it has also been awarded as Apple’s app of the year because users are madly in love with how it helps them achieve their training targets. Rapid recall and immediate processing will become the ultimate skills you will have better than others around you. Oh, and did we forget to tell you? Users get a free 7-day trial, too, so try as many features as you want before you pay for anything!

MentalUP Educational Games

Are you seeking the ideal tool for children between the ages of six to fifteen? MentalUP is here to help students get rid of their attention struggles. Now you can train your mind to focus without any distractions. There are over 100 or more games that will help children boost their confidence and train their brains.

And guess how much time you need to invest in this app? Just 30 minutes a day is perfect. There is no need for you to take extra time out and sit down for hours whenever you engage in mental exercise. The ability to teach so much in so little time is perhaps what makes it the best app for brain training for many people.

There are no annoying ads that make your life hell anymore by breaking your learning streak. Instead, the tool is an entertaining way to keep your mind active. You will discover your worth and potential and also see what your true intelligence is like!

Whether you’re on your PC, smartphone, or tablet, this app is easy to install, use, and navigate. It will surely give you the mental fitness that you have dreamed about since forever. What a great catch!

Brain Games

Be it an app store person or a play store person, and this tool is readily available to everyone. It is considered the best mental exercise app due to the countless amazing and intellectual games available here. There is a lot to discover and so much to learn. Do you think you will have trouble finding the games? Not at all. The search bar is easily located, and you can track your progress pretty easily.

It has fun games for children that challenge their memory and help them develop strong problem-solving skills. If one app made the generation Z children lucky for mind exercise and activity, this app would perhaps be on top of the list. Logical reasoning, memory, attention, twists, puzzles, and mental skills, you name it, and the app has it! It is one of the most ideal brain training softwares that we have ever come across. Try it and see how it works like a charm to boost your brain activity!

Why let your mind feel lazy yet another day when it could be working on multiple interesting problems while having tons of fun. It is the perfect way to trick yourself into learning more!

Peak – Brain Training

If you are looking to level up your brain and be quick and smart, Peak is the perfect software for you to have with you at all times. So whenever you have spare time on your hand, pull out your smartphone and get started with an engaging game. But, of course, you also use your PC and Tablets for it! The variety of games you can play here will fascinate you beyond measure.

Peak - Brain Training

It is ideal for challenging your cognitive abilities and finding stimulating mental workouts that keep your brain active and busy. You will feel your mental agility enhancing, which will keep you motivated to come back for more daily—what a perfect way to make a fun learning app a part of your routine.

You can also invest in Peak Pro for personalized workouts and insightful analysis daily, along with advanced training programs! How exciting.


Make sure you try these amazing tools to get ahead in all areas of brain development and train your brain for every situation. You will fall in love with these apps once you see your growth. It will help you achieve the best results and keep your mind active!