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Who doesn’t love to watch movies? And, what if you get the advantage of superb sound quality? Yes, it is possible with the help of a good home theatre and an AV receiver. Generally, an AV is present inside the home theatre. It is a dedicated application to support basic sound quality. 

If you want to gain high-end theatre experience, then an additional AV is necessary. They act as the main equipment to support the audio-video, as well as the clarity of the sound that you are hearing. With the help of the best AV receivers available in the market, you will receive the perfect immersive sound like never before.

Select the Best Sound Accelerating Devices

According to your ultimate need, you have to select the best AV receiver for prolonged use. This will help you to get the real taste of entertainment at your home.  

1. The Denon AVC-X3700H

At a budget-friendly price, this device has earned a massive edge amongst all the people around the world. The video support of this device is 8K super ultra-high definition in HDR format. Obviously, the surrounding sound format is also there with the support of the latest Dolby Atmos, DTS:X. In addition to that, while watching the latest movies, you will be experiencing the real IMAX cinematic feeling. 

If you look at the online streaming applications, then there are Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Airplay, YouTube and others. The audio channels is set to 9.2. The HDMI port is also available to support the gaming consoles. It is dynamic and is indeed engaging in its nature. So, you might consider it as one of the best AV receivers of all time. 

2. Sony STR-DN1080

Sony, the name is enough and popular among everyone, owing to its affordable sound devices and systems. Sonus is a Greek word that represents a sound. That is why this AV device from Sony supports 4K ultra-high-definition pictures in HDR format. As usual, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are present in the device.  

There are more than 5 HDMI inputs available for the ultimate gaming and cinema experience. 24bit high-resolution audio with Sony special “Crispy” quality and superior bass makes it more popular among the list of best AV receivers. The audio channels are reasonably balanced with 7.2 input. The overall performance is dynamic and easily affordable. If the remote comes with a backlit facility, then it would be hard to ignore. 

3. Denon AVC-X6700H

With the massive power output of 205W, with the assistance of 11.2 sound channels, the device is just a beast in terms of AV receivers. Along with the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, it also has IMAX in enhanced mode. So, it seems that there is no need for professional theatres at your home. 

There is the facility of Bluetooth for wireless streaming audio and video. When you are planning to play an audio or video file with the help of a mobile, tablet, or even laptop, then the Bluetooth feature will come in handy. The heavy bass of the amplifier is more balanced than that of other amplifiers.

4. Yamaha RX-A1080 AVENTAGE

Yes! Yamaha. Surely, you are familiar with this tag-line. The Aventage is one of the best AV receivers of all time. Yamaha’s sound is generally called the Music cast surround sound. In addition to that, the feature of Dolby Atmos is also present for an ultimate theatre experience. The surround sound is programmed with an embedded AI that adjusts audio levels according to the media that you play with the AV receiver. 

The facility of wireless connection is also present to stream media wirelessly. Just like Alexa and other AI speech recognition systems, Yamaha also has its own to regulate the streaming of music. The input channels also include video and audio ports. Moreover, the type of audio inputs is co-axial with the assistance of stereo analog inputs as well. The settings and overall user interface are easy to use. 

5. Marantz SR8012 11.2

The blockbuster movie effects are just fabulous with the help of these AV receivers. The sonic integrity and power level of this device will just conquer your attention. Wireless streaming technology is available with the control of Alexa by Amazon. In addition to that, with the collaboration of Denon HEOS multi-room, you will get an enhanced sound like never before. 

All the wires are of superior quality, covered with high-end non-conductor electricity materials. If you look at the acoustic clarity of the receiver, then it has the automatic room creation that rapidly corrects the acoustic audio. Moreover, it also has the audio type in high resolution for battery clarity audio. 


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Affording one of the best AV receivers will only work the best when your home setup is compatible. If your room is a bit smaller, then you should choose a type of AV receiver that receives and delivers less powerful frequency. Now, coming to the speakers — if it emits a superior bass, then it will be a bit of a hassle. That is why choosing the speakers will solely depend upon the type of AV receiver that you will buy. After you are done with the setup, enjoy your movies and a premium audio facility. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the best 5.1 receiver?

For 5.1 channel basic system—or a 5.1 channel system plus a 4k and High Dynamic Reich (HDR) video receiving device – Denon AVR- S540Bt is good for about EUR 300. The Denon AVR-S540Bt is also a very good alternative.  

Which is better Yamaha or Onkyo?

Thus, this is the bottom line for Onkyo versus Yamaha: whereas Yamaha recipients are more reliable and helpful wireless and streaming capabilities, Onkyo recipients are better and less expensive.

Is Denon better than Yamaha?

The receivers Denon and Yamaha both provide incredible sound and different features. Denon is often cheaper, has a good construction and sufficient channels, whereas Yamaha is often more reliable, has an outstanding amount of input and costs more.