Is 3D Animation Easier than 2D

We know that there are now two kinds of animation. These are 2D and 3D. Despite attempts to bring them together in irreconcilable confrontation, they perfectly exist each on their own and have their own spheres of application.

2D animation is considered traditional, while 3D appeared only since the end of the last century. At some point, it seemed that 3D is an absolute trend in cinema, advertising and games. But in fact, it was only a momentary boom associated with an increase in the number of technological possibilities to achieve maximum realism of 3D models. 2D characters has remained in business and still has a lot of fans.

Our task for today is to determine the pros and cons of these two types of animation and to determine the criteria for the selection of the best 2D and 3D animation services. We will also tell you a few words about the wonderful 3D art company, which will be able to realize any louse idea. But let’s talk about everything in order.

2D Animation: When It’s Not About Depth

What do we know about 2D animation? Of course, this type of object movement does not include depth measurement. It is content with width and length. And this does not in any way affect its liveliness, colorfulness and attractiveness. Modern technologies make it possible to make 2D animation indistinguishable from 3D, as, for example, it was implemented in the animated film Klaus.


  • Ease of implementation. Learning to work with 2D animation is easier than with 3D due to fewer measurements and less sophisticated software.
  • Execution speed. Even the best 2D animation will take much less time than 3D.
  • Cost savings. Working with 2D is more profitable financially.
  • Focus on gameplay. 2D animation allows you to focus on the story and gameplay more than just a beautiful picture.


  • Little realism. Some projects require increased dynamics, where 2D animation can look poor and implausible.
  • Limited use. A 2D project requires a lot of attention to the rest of the elements to compensate for the lack of realism.

3D Animation: Fully Armed Volume

3D animation is now the favorite of many game studios. It allows you to create realistic game worlds with an emphasis on graphics. Depth measurement makes any object three-dimensional and viewed from all sides. And now, developers often fall into the trap. They put all their energy into graphics and almost forget about the plot and gameplay. Therefore, you also need to be able to work with 3D.


  • Absolute realism. Technology allows you to get a photorealistic picture and movement providing an immersive game.
  • Reuse. 3D models can be reused for different animations and other needs, while 2D always has to be redrawn.
  • High information content. 3D animation makes it possible to manipulate an object, present it from different sides.


  • High price. To create 3D animation, you involve more people from the animation design company than with 2D.
  • Limitations of movement. Many 3D characters are similar due to rig restrictions during animation.
  • Duration of work. Before creating a 3D animation, you need to make and approve a 3D model, which takes much more time than with a 2D animation.

Wrapping Up

This is not to say that any kind of animation is predominantly or better. Each of them has been successfully used in different niches. For example, we all know about super popular modern simulators like Big Farm made in 2D. At the same time, the well-known and long-awaited releases of large studios include 3D games like Control with the latest generation of graphics. Games with any kind of animation have their audience. Moreover, many are nostalgic and often look for games with the most primitive pixel graphics, from which they get great pleasure.

Your job is to understand what kind of audience you are working for. If you are sure that your choice is 3D, then look at companies providing such services as Kevuru Games is an experienced 2L and 3D animation studio that can help you create unrivaled 3D animations for games or advertisements. And if your choice falls on 2D, then you should know that this company also has excellent specialists in this area.