You may be wondering what’s the use of IP Address. Well, its purpose is to give access during a login session on a router or a modem. The IP address has been popular as it is used for many login sessions.

You can use to get access to web interface devices. These web interfaces are profoundly known as Admin panels. Also, using this IP, you can make changes in the security keys of the WPA or WEP type. So, if you’d like to know more details about the login, then go through the rest of the contents below on the router login! This is one of the first things they teach in every IT online course, so if you want to deepen your knowledge, be sure to enroll yourself in one of the best online course platforms.

The Purpose of Admin Panel and Why You Should Use It?

As previously mentioned, you can use the admin login IP address to access web interface devices that, in other words, are known as Admin panels. So, now, the question is what does it do?

The IP address can be of use if you are configuring a Netgear router. But if you want to make changes, then you can choose to do it from Advanced Users. Additionally, there’d be various other settings that are useful. But the most helpful setting among those is Security settings. 

You’d be saving yourself from losing your personal information as there are too many hackers at this point of time. And you’d have no idea how much you’d be losing. But, using, you’ll be redirected to an interface. From there you can take security measures. Such as changing your password and much more. Login Procedure

The login procedure is merely a task because all you need to do is go to the interface and then do the rest. However, do it in the following way:

First, what you need to do is launch any web browser, preferably Google Chrome. Then, go to the top section, where the address bar is and type in it. Then hit the “Enter” key.

Now, you’d be redirected to a router login page. On that page, you’d have two fields where you can enter the username as well as the password. Enter the credentials in the fields but if you’ve forgotten it in any case, then you can enter the default credentials. For both the username and password file, you can use “admin” as the default credential.

Once you click the “Enter” button, you’d be logged in successfully. And then you can try changing the configurations and the password as per your requirements. 

Model IP Address Username Password
Actiontec,,, admin admin
Airlink, admin admin
Airlive admin admin
Airties admin admin
Apple admin admin
Amped Wireless admin admin
Asus,, admin admin
Aztech,,, admin admin
Belkin,,, admin admin
Billion, admin admin
Buffalo, admin admin
Dell admin admin
Cisco,,,, admin admin
D-Link,,,,,,,,,,,, admin admin
Edimax admin admin
Eminent,, admin admin
Gigabyte admin admin
Hawking, admin admin
Huawei,,,, admin admin
LevelOne, admin admin
Linksys,,,,,,,, admin admin
Microsoft admin admin
Motorola,,,,,,,, admin admin
MSI admin admin
Netgear, admin admin
NetComm,,, admin admin
Netopia, admin admin
Planet,, admin admin
Repotec,,, admin admin
Senao admin admin
Siemens,,,,,, admin admin
Sitecom,,, admin admin
SMC Networks,,, admin admin
Sonicwall, admin admin
SpeedTouch, admin admin
Sweex,,, admin admin
Tenda, admin admin
Thomson,, admin admin
TP-Link,, admin admin
U.S. Robotics,, admin admin

How to Make Effective Use of

As is known to be a host address, it is essential when you want to have a secure internet session. Using this IP address, you can make changes in the router configuration through a secure Admin Panel interface. 

Once you’re in the router login interface, you’d come to find many security settings. Such as WAN, WPS, WLAN, MAC, ADSL, DHCP, and Network Management. 

How to Change Router Password from

If you’d like to reset the password of the router from the IP address, then look for a reset button in the Router. When you find it, press and hold it for 1 minute. Now go to the router login page and in the fields of Username and password, write, “admin”.

 Now, go to the option called “Tools”. Then from there, choose the option called Restore”. Once you’ve selected that, you can reset the password of the router with ease. 

How to Locate the Router IP Address? 

If you are not sure that whether the router you use has as the IP address or not, you can try finding out in the following way:

  1. Windows Operating Systems. 
  2. iPhone device or iPad devices. 
  3. Android Devices. 
  4. Mac Operating Systems. 
  5. Linux Operating Systems. 

If you come to find that your router does not have the IP Address, then you’d have to figure out a different manual to finish the login procedure. 

Routers that have as their IP Address!

If you’re wondering which routers have the IP Address, then here’s a list of them mentioned below:

  1. The Netopia/ Cayman Internet Gateways
  2. Westell Modems For Bellsouth/ AT & T DSL Internet. 
  3. Linksys SRW2024 
  4. ADSL routers. 
  5. Com OfficeConnect. 

Brands that Make a Use of IP Address!

The following brands make use of IP Address:

  1. Billion routers/ Modems
  2. The Netopia/ Cayman Gateways
  3. Selective Linksys Routers
  4. Com routers as well as Modems. 
  5. Westell DSL Modems (For United States only). 

How to Write the IP Address the Right Way?

Many people often mistakenly type the wrong address even though it looks the same. As a result, they end up finding out that the IP Address is not found or it’s invalid. Make sure you are writing the IP address in the address bar of the web browser, in the following two ways only: