As modern problems require modern solutions, most people are quitting the use of cable connections and going for what is easy and free. And that is known as a website called “”. As for now, the website is also named “GoMovies as well as “GoStream. 

You may have come across this website as it is quite popular and trending as per the needs of the generation. Whichever movie you wish to see, you’d find it free on the website to watch. 

And not just watch, but you can watch them in whichever quality you like. So if you are here to get more details on the 123movies website and its reliability, follow the rest of the contents below!

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123Movies: Brief Introduction

123 movies basically is a website platform that you can access to stream movies. There are at least more than a hundred videos available on the website. The website contains pirated movies as well and even though they are illegal, 123Movies allows it. The website has many clones which are why the website runs relatively well such as GoStream or Gomovies.

On the other hand, you can search for movies from the search bar on the website, be it anything. 123Movies keeps updating new releases from popular streaming sites like Hulu, Amazon or Netflix.

Another great thing about this website is that you won’t have to create an account to be able to watch it, unlike another website. Most of the other movie streaming websites would always ask you to create an account to be able to stream movies, and that also with a price to pay. 

The website is compatible with both PC and Smartphones so you can access them from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. 

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123Movies/GoStream: Features

Here’s a list of extensive features that the 123Movie/Gostream has to offer you:

  1. The movies available on the website, are free of cost to watch. These movies are in the form of high quality just like how other premium streaming sites offer. 
  2. The interface of this website is very easy and simple. You can look up any movie using the “Search” bar and also using the year of its release, as well as its genre.  
  3. You can also make changes while searching, such as add filters to specifically get what you are looking for. 
  4. Another great thing about 123movies/GoStream is that you get to view the list of movies available in alphabetical order. This makes access to any movie much easier. 
  5. The website is compatible with devices like Android, Mac, Windows OS as well as macOS. 
  6. The website provides good speed for streaming. Hence, buffering rarely occurs as you get multiple links to stream the video. 
  7. The website does do not charge a dime for any user to visit and watch any movie. There is no need to create an account or sign up. You can directly start searching for your desired movies and enjoy watching them. 

123 Movies: History of It

The history of 123Movies is full of conspiracies. For copyright infringements, 123Movies has been sued by many other websites. The website is so notorious that it has been asked to change the host provider name by the government.

That being said, MPAA (Motion Picture Association Of America) on 18th March declared that 123movies is the most notorious illegal website for streaming movies. The MPAA also has mentioned that in a month, approximately 98 million users enter into the website to watch movies for free.

Even though it was compelled to shut down, the website is still up and running well using different hosting names and URLs, for example,

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Is 123Movies Legal for Using?

Contents that were not bought or have a legitimate license are considered to be illegal. Hence, based on that notion, the 123Movie website is illegal and it provides content that is pirated. The contents are copied and do not have any license to provide the claims of copyright. 

Now you may start to wonder why is it still up on the internet and running well with 98 million users viewing it a month. Well, there is a reason for it certainly. 

1233Movies website basically runs in part of the globe where there is no specific law for piracy. These countries also have no such strict la against copyright issues. 123Movies run in these countries. And because of this, the website is still up and running as there are no disturbances from the side of authorities. 

Even though the website is not legal, it does not allow any users to upload their own content and neither do they host the contents themselves. 

How does the 123Movies Website Work?

123Movies or embed the movies in the Internet world with the help of Cyberlock. Now, this cyberlocker is the source where the movie streams for. 123movies allow movies and videos to be streamed once cyber lock start hosting the content of popular streaming sites. 

123Movies: How Safe Is It?

As of now, you already know it is a free website for movie or video streaming, having 98 million visits per month. You can get an idea of safety if you use the website. 124Movies is not safe to use. This because often you will come across websites that are exactly similar to 123movies. However, they aren’t. Instead, they are the clone website that is built just to provide malware as much as possible. 

This malware comes in the form of weird links that redirect you to a different page altogether, or multiple ads. Once malware enters the system, there won’t be much time left until you start noticing the system degrading. This a way to make money for the website owners and that is by distributing ads to users. Hence be aware of it.

Here’s an interesting fact about this notion. Oftentimes, hackers use security threats which are known as malvertising in other words. What happens is that hackers are able to inject malware into the ads show to users. That being said, even if the website owners are representing ads to users without having harmful intentions, users are still at risk nonetheless. If you’re seeking better alternatives to 123Movies websites, you can visit Earthweb for the best available services.

As much as it is not advisable to visit the website, you can still enter if you have a protective antivirus installed on the system along with a working firewall. 

Is It Advisable to Use 123Movie for Movie Streaming?

Over the course of years, the website has become profound as it gets visitors per day. As previously mentioned, the website is neither safe nor legal, people still use it every day.

That being said, it is needless to say the potential risk a user would be involved in while trying to use this website. And this is not limited to just the 123movies but its clone websites too such as, etc.

In this context, it would be advisable to make different choices as safety comes first. You may not get the same features on other free websites, but you’d be saving your system from malware infection. And, all that you’d need to do is spend a little more time researching malware-free websites. 

Alternative Free Websites to 123Movie/GoStream

If you consider using alternatives to the 123movies website, then here is a list of free websites that you can use:


Crackle is known to be a  free video streaming website that is reliable and trusted. It gets the contents from Sony Pictures and is legal for streaming. 


Popcornflix is a website you can use as it is free. However, the movies on the website are not that popular or recently added.

You can also refer to these other websites for streaming movies such as Yidio, Snagfilms, Tubi TV, etc.