Upgrade Apple iPod 2018 With Flash Memory And A New Battery

Apple iPod is one of the leading personal audio gadgets. In fact, you can call it the zenith of audio devices. Although there are several Android and iOS phones with excellent storage capacity, nothing beats the iPod. With an elegant and classic design, it is one of your best buys. However, specific issues could easily hamper your experience with this gadget. Notably, the iPod can be troubling in 2018. To help users, our Apple Tech Support team is always available.

In contrast to the brilliance of the iPod, its slow speed and meager 30GB of storage are frustrating. However, you can easily upgrade your Apple iPod for 2018 with some simple steps. All you need is a flash memory and a new battery. This article helps you get your device to its original state of triumph and reputation.

Bring Back the iPod in Style!

Tired with a limited storage space? Annoyed with the same old battery performance? Well, you can turn your humble iPod into a supercharged and handy music player. Moreover, you can upgrade the iPod all by yourself. In case you need any assistance, feel free to connect with our Apple Tech Support.

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What do you need for the upgrade?

To successfully change the face of your iPod, you need a few tools. Make sure you have the following:

  1. iPod: Get your old iPod which needs the upgrade really bad! For example, a fifth-generation iPod will do.
  2. Adapter: Also, you need an excellent iFlash adapter that plays multiple and crucial roles. It takes care of your SD cards or drives. Apart from that, it also connects with where your old hard drives used to go.
  3. Flash Storage: You need a proper flash storage device. Based on your preference, you can go with microSD or Compact Flash Storage Device. You finally unlock a massive potential of your device by using 250GB fast flash storage.
  4. Battery: You need a brand new battery of proper amperage.
  5. Opening Tool: Also, you need an effective yet safe tool for prying open your device.

How to Upgrade?

Once you have assembled all the necessary tools, you can quickly do the upgrade by following the given steps.

  • First, you need to open your iPod and remove the power cables cautiously.
  • Also, remove the headphone cables carefully.
  • Next, you have to replace the battery and hard drive with the new ones.
  • Finally, reconnect the cables and reassemble the device correctly. For optimum results, go for an iTunes restore, and you are all set with your brand new iPod.

If you find any of the steps confusing or complicated, it’s better not to do it by yourself. After all, any wrong step can irreparably damage sensitive electronic gadgets. For more help regarding this, you can Contact Apple Support.

Upgrade to a Better Experience with iPod 2018

If you are inquisitive enough to make the upgrade by yourself, this article surely helps you. Moreover, you don’t even need to spare much of your time or resources. With a new battery and flash storage system, you can quickly turn your exhausted iPod into a rejuvenated one. Why buy a new music player when you can instantly revive the timeless iPod?

In a fast-track year like 2018, you don’t want sluggish music players. Understandably, this was your only complaint with iPod. Well, say goodbye to the issue and welcome your favourite music buddy. From hip-hop to classical, your device now has a parking space for everything. If you are looking for professional help, call our Apple Support Number. iPod Tech Support is always available with the latest technology to help you out. Therefore, don’t slow down and upgrade to a better iPod.