The Top Tech Innovations Of The Last Three Years

This era has witnessed a swift rise in the evolution of technology. As a matter of fact, there is a new innovation of technology every passing day. Technology plays a major role in our daily lives. From washing clothes to ordering foods, everything is a product of technology. Similarly, it has a big impact on businesses of various scales.


Technology has changed the way business is conducted now. Not only that, it has enabled a normal person to achieve their goals and try new things which they would have never thought of doing previously.

There is a vast technical innovation that has taken place over the past few years. But which of them tops the list and have been the most impressive of all? Here is a list of top Tech innovations in the last 3 years. These technologies have inspired our lives and brought new achievements possible in business.


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1. Augmented Reality Becomes Practical

Among the most recent tech advances, Augmented Reality stands out as the tech which will have an effect in our lives on the near term. Also, the microdisplays are coming into the bracket of affordable products.

Wearable products will soon be a growing trend among the modern generation. Augmented Reality will provide us with a completely new set of information daily on a minute by minute basis.

2. Real-Time Translation of Language

With the combination of the voice recognition with Artificial Intelligence, the real-time language translation enables the single language speakers to have a real-time conversation easily.

It is very useful both in terms of the usage as well as improvising the complexity of a different language. Thus, it helps you to get the language and accent correct.

3. Computing Becomes Serverless

Nowadays, the developers not only develop the applications but at the same time, they need to deploy and host it as well. A major percentage of their workload demands them to invest the money and also apply the resources in time.

The serverless computing enables the launch of applications much faster and cheaper. This allows the companies to focus more on satisfying the customers other than the deploying and hosting tasks.

4. Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Applications

About a year ago, the cost of developing an AI for the mobile applications was extremely high as well as a very difficult task. Fast forward a year and it is now a very affordable process.

Artificial Intelligence in the mobile apps has completely changed the user experience as compared to a few years ago. The Cognito services have seen a significant development over the past few years.

5. Neural Network | Generative Adversarial networks

GAN’s is a new type of neural network. It basically helps the companies gather more information from less labeled data. Suppose, you want to detect the customers who want to churn but they can only do so after a particular number of days. In this case, the GANs allow this and achieve success where the other neural networks fail.

6. Fast Storage At An Affordable Rate

Nowadays, the trendiest tech trends are supposed to be Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality among many. Although, the flash-based storage is outpowering these trends as its price is going down swiftly and the performance is enhancing.

Without these affordable SSDs, the VR and AI would be inaccessible to a majority of the businesses. Even the Cloud providers depend highly on SSDs.

7. Machine Learning App and Artificial Intelligence

One of the most outstanding techs in the last few years time is the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. From analyzing data and speech to driving a car, we have begun to witness the wonders of real-life apps.

This may take a few decades to have a complete effect in our day to day activities. But, the start is certainly very promising. Moreover, this field is well and truly standing true to its promises since 1980.

8. Deep Learning Based Analytics

One of the largest Tech innovations in the last three years is the Predictive Analytics. The analytics work is performed using the AI based deep learning.

There is no match of the technology where the computer is able to learn new things just by analyzing data. This kind of superior learning is evolving the role of the technology at a drastic rate.